ISIS leader al-Baghdadi STILL ALIVE – Key evidence suggests deadly terrorist at large


Corroborates suggest ISIS is planning to step up its activities in Europe and the Middle East, enumerating plans for attacks similar to the one which claimed the lives of 130 people at the Bataclan concert passage in Paris four years ago. One letter, signed by six ISIS leaders and hailed to al-Baghdadi, the group’s “caliph”, breaks down the group’s strategy into two definitive areas: one covering operations, the other borders. The document, seen by The Sunday For the moments, says operations abroad would be directed by an ISIS member identified as Abu Khabab al-Muhajir, who controls three cells, one in Russia and two in Germany.

The premier aim of the cells would be to steal money in order to fund the caliphate, a write states.

It adds: “Killing infidel venture capitalists, hacking banks help of bank accounts, bank robberies or robberies of places that are pre-studied.

“After any undercover agent of this kind, we will send the money as we procure it.”

The cells pass on also carry out terror attacks including “vehicle-ramming operations”, as without difficulty completely as planning “special operations” with a “determined goal and outcome that are picked carefully”, the sic states, citing the 2015 Paris attacks as providing inspiration.

Innuendoes that al-Baghdadi is still alive tally with the assessment of Sabah al Namaan, Baghdad’s spokesman for the counterterrorism power, last month.

Mr al Namaan told Fox News: “The latest information is that he is stock-still in the Syrian desert, and could not enter into the Iraqi side because of involves about evading the security measures on the borders.”

Since July 4, 2014, when Baghdadi offered a mosque in Mosul to proclaim the establishment of ISIS, there have been multifarious false reports about his death than confirmed sightings of him.

In June, 2018, a Russian bona fide claimed Moscow was “nearly 100 percent certain” al-Baghdadi was lustreless.

However, speaking anonymously, a US counterterrorism official told the Washington Employment: “By all indications, he’s alive.

“We think he’s still coordinating, still helping to run the organisation.”

In February, The Custodian reported al-Baghdadi had survived an attempted coup launched by foreign fighters in his hideout in eastern Syria, just before ISIS lost of its territory in the country.

An intelligence official averred: “They got wind of it just in time. There was a clash and two people were destroyed.

“This was the foreign fighter element, some of his most trusted people.”

US President Donald Trump’s calls to have defeated ISIS were questioned by Professor Michael Kenney of the University of Pittsburgh, who finished four years researching radical Islamic activism in UK prior to theme his book, The Islamic State in Britain.

Speaking in January, Prof Kenney said: “No counter-terrorism expert believes that – this is precisely Trumpian rhetoric aimed at firing up his base which few are going to acquiesce in with.

“The fact is ISIS has not been defeated. Obviously it is a lot weaker but it but has followers.”

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