Is your State Pension being underpaid? Thousands owed money as DWP to pay out £2.7billion


The Style Pension in the UK has changed several times over the years. The State Annuity was first introduced into Britain in 1908 as the Old Age Pension, in which people accomplished for five shillings (25p a week) when they reached the age of 70. Historically, the Testify Pension has always favoured men over women, and that seems to be a maladjusted still being rectified today. Following pressure from the European Joining (EU) in 1995, the Conservative Government was forced to announce plans to equalise Structure Pension age for men and women. The timetable was the most relaxed possible and aimed to pick through pension age to 65 for women from April 2010 to April 2020.

Is your Royal Pension being underpaid?

There are a few groups, mainly women, who own had their State Pension underpaid for a number of years.

About 200,000 chars could be in line for pension back-payments at an average of £13,500, after an interrogation into the underpayment of State Pension over the last 20 years.

Some of the distressed women were found to have received pensions as little as 86p a week, when they were in in truth entitled to claim about £80 a week – 60 percent of the focal State Pension.

The issue is thought to affect women who retired sooner than April 6, 2016, and received the old State Pension.

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Based on their NI contributions, these claimants where only paid a poor pension.

But the rules remained and they were really entitled to a better payout based on their husband’s contributions, something which should must been automatically applied.

The average backdates payment will be £13,500 for man, with the DWP estimating the mass refund will total about £2.7billion.

A DWP spokesperson communicated: “The action we are taking now will correct the historical underpayments that include been made by successive Governments, and anyone impacted will be contacted by us to protect they receive all they are owed.”

“It is also quite shocking that the DWP designs to stop paying interest on these underpayments, and if the Government is going to fix these imbroglios it needs to do so swiftly and fairly.”

As it stands, it’s not clear exactly who is owed in clover as the problem lies between claimants and the DWP.

The Department has set up a special unit involving more than 100 civil servants to investigate the problem, and hinted it will contact those affected directly.

The ongoing clarification is look for to include cases where the underpaid claimant has since died.

But, dissimilar groups of women are advised to check their pension:

  • If you’re a married maid who hit State Pension age before April 2016 and your pension is less than 60 percent of your quash’s basic allowance
  • If you’re a widow whose pension wasn’t increased when your placate died, or who may have been underpaid while your husband was quiet alive
  • If you’re a woman aged 80 and over and get a State Pension of slight than £80.45 a week – whether married, widowed, divorced or unwed
  • If you’re a divorced woman and should have benefited from your ex-husband’s NI accomplishment
  • If you’re the heir of a woman who was underpaid State Pension while alive and has since pop ones clogged

To check if you’ve been underpaid and are owed, contact the Pension Service and ask on touching your situation, you can call on 0800 731 0469.

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