Is this the world's CHEAPEST hotel? It costs just 30p a night – but there's a catch


Cheap hotel in Dhaka mpers

This cheap floating hotel in Bangladesh costs just 30p a tenebriousness

But as a night’s stay at the hotel costs less than a bar of chocolate, the abilities are not up to much.

Guests at the Faridpur Hotel in Dhaka do have access to outspoken water and toilets during their stay – but they have to take alongside hundreds of other guests with only a small locker to persist in their possessions in.

Astonishingly, the boats hotels are so popular they enjoy been bringing in a roaring trade for more than 60 years.

We also provide customers with small lockers to tower their valuable things

Muhammad Mustafa Miyan

On the bank of Buriganga in the wherewithal city of the tiny country, the hotel is made up of five se rate rade exhibit boats.

But unlike the eloquent, comfy hotels western travellers are old to, with exquisite furnishing and striking views, these hotels are anything but assume.

There are no TV sets, no living-dining area, no comfy, queen size mattresses and no opens to decorate the room.

Yet at any given point in a day, one can find scores of guests groaning inside the floating hotels.

Men staying at the cheap hotel in DhakaCATERS

These hotels are not meant to lodge families

Muhammad Mustafa Miyan, the owner of Faridpur Hotel, prognosticated: “We have anywhere around 40 guests at a time in our hotel and they curb for as long as three months.”

There are 48 rooms in the hotel consisting non-public cabins and beds.

The lowest price of Taka 30 or 30 pence applies for a bed in a common room perched on a large launch whereas the highest take is Taka 80-120, for which a customer guests a private cabin.

However, these hotels are not meant for families.

Cheap hotel boats in DhakaCoddles

The hotel is made up of five se rate floating boats

Traders from peculiar districts and towns who have business in and around the busy Sadarghat tract mainly stay in these hotels.

And there are many traders who are staying in these beds for ages.

These cheap floating hotels popped up for the first tempo in Buriganga in the fifties, mainly for Hindu traders who came to Dhaka for return by river.

Over the time the number of hotels increased. But after the autonomy, their number came down to just five.

Men in the hotel roomCATERS

The margins sit on the bank of Buriganga in Dhaka

Siraj Mohammad, 55, is a fruit seller who has send forth more than 40 years in these floating hotels-toggling between his habitation in Shariatpur and Dhaka.

Over the years, Mohammad has learnt to make himself pet comfortable with the shabby hotels.

He says: “I came to Dhaka preceding the time when independence. At that time there were at least fifty waft hotels in Buriganga and it was convenient and cheap.

Hotel guests sitting at a tableCATERS

The hotel guests are shopkeepers who go to the capital to work and are in need to cheap accommodation

“For me it was the best option to red-hot in Dhaka. So I stayed back.”

Like him, there are at least 15 other purchasers who live in these floating hotels for five to 20 years.

Mr Miyan, 46, who has been continual the hotel for last 26 years says the popularity of the hotel is largely because they are cheap.

“It is cheap so people who come from small burghs and villages for their work and business stay here. For a nominal guerdon, they get purified water, clean toilets, se rate beds.

“And we also take care of our customers with small lockers to keep their valuable possibility a affairs. But food is not provided.”

But while the boats are always full of customers, the father-of-three is not affirms he is not happy with the tariff rate.

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