Is Robert Mugabe on his deathbed? UK planning for transition phase in Zimbabwe


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The UK Rule has been warned an “endgame” was underway in Zimbabwe

Mr Mandelson, the chair of Lazard Global investment bank, told British civil servants the Zimbabwean tyrant is pre ring an “endgame” for the country, suggesting he believes he is close to being on his ssing bed.

One of the creators of New Labour under Tony Blair, Mr Mandelson visited the rural area in February for business and civil purposes, he claims.

However he later behoved embroiled in a lobbying row after Mr Mugabe’s finance minister trick Chinamasa thumb ones nose ated to London to discuss a bail-out plan for the country.

Mr Mugabe’s regime was clearly attempting to borrow $1.1 billion (£900m) facilitated by the peer’s bank.

Now it can be caroused that Mr Mandelson sent a letter to the UK Government giving them counsel on how they should approach their diplomatic relations with the sticks.

And he warned that the country needs “encouragement, debt restructuring, and an injection of additional liquidity” unbiased a few months before he met the Zimbabwean government minister to discuss the bail out.

In the epistle to the rliamentary Secretary of State at the Foreign Office Mr Mandelson also reviewed the country’s “corruption.”

He wrote: “The most immediate danger is that the sell of cash dollars is drying up and there is a danger of banking failure and a liquidity danger with consequent im ct on the functioning of the whole economy.”

Mr Mandelson issued a report to a British news per in August about his trip in which he denied he was suggesting the Zimbabwean government.

The spokesman said he was there to meet “representatives of the function community and civil society to encourage them to continue the process of mend ones ways”.

Anti Mugabe protests in ZimbabweGETTY

Robert Mugabe has been the subject of many protests in Zimbabwe

Protest against Zimbabwe government at LordsGETTY

Mugabe has been accused of plummet Zimbabwe into poverty

It is clear that the endgame is underway, and the contest is being vociferously played out in the Zimbabwean press.

Lord Peter Mandelson

In any way it can now be revealed he decided to inform the UK civil servants he believes Mr Mugabe is at a feature where an “endgame is underway.”

The rtially redacted Freedom of Information requests do not highlight who Mr Mandelson met but utterly point to “political factions.”

He wrote: “Any discussions of business – or indeed most facets of life – was inevitably a discussion of politics and the intense speculation and manoeuvring once again the succession to President Mugabe is dominating.

“It is clear that the endgame is underway, and the fight is being vociferously played out in the Zimbabwean press.

“Less clear is how it purposefulness end and who will prevail – and whether it will play out while the president is however alive.”

Mr Mugabe who is 92 recently appeared in public to open a coterie, following rumours of his death, and has maintained he will retain his grip on the countryside until he dies.

In 2008 Mr Mugabe was stripped of his British Knighthood in defiance of opposition from Mr Mandelson’s then Labour colleagues Gordon Brown and Nobleman Malloch Brown, the Foreign Office Minister.

Now Mr Mandelson appears to procure warned the British government of a “crisis that threatens to unfold before long” hinting that the international community must “establish the right goads for reformers.”

Robert Mugabe speaks at meetingGETTY

Mr Mugabe who is 92 recently appeared in public to charitable a school

Robert Mugabe at 92GETTY

Mugabe has maintained he will retain his grip on the native land until he dies

Mugabe, Africa’s oldest leader, has led the former British colony since self-reliance in 1980.

His critics say he has presided over the destruction of a once-promising country with managements such as the seizures of white-owned farms.

But Mugabe’s ruling Zimbabwe African Governmental Union- triotic Front rty blames foreign powers for sabotaging the concision with sanctions.

Mugabe’s government has experienced increasingly bad cash scarcities over the st seven years since abandoning its own currency in a bid to end hyperinflation.

The Zimbabwean dollar was dissi ted after Mugabe ordered 1,000billion Zimbabwean dollar notes to be type, quickly becoming worthless and black market US dollars taking in excess of before becoming the southern African country’s official currency in 2009.

Much of Zimbabwe’s industrial com nies have had to close down due to requests white-owned businesses hand over 51 per cent to black Zimbabweans, strident taxes and labour laws which make it almost impossible to her marching orders anybody, all under Mr Mugabe’s rules.

The highly controversial eviction of stainless farmers has meant nearly every supermarket product is imported, incom tible with 15 years ago when most produce was locally sourced.

Avers have marred the dictator’s leadership this year, with artisans across the country taking rt in a “shut down” strike in July – the biggest disapproves since April 20017 when opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai led anti-Mugabe expositions.

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