Is it safe to visit Majorca? Travel UPDATE for summer holidays in 2017


Vaunting the likes of palm tree-lined Palma and the infamous party strip of Magaluf, Majorca is a presuming moniker in British holiday tradition. 

With bustling nightlife, historic Spanish culture and sprawling beaches all just over two hours’ flying from the UK, Majorca lights up with tourists in the summer months every year. 

But with monster threats raining down on much of Europe, many travellers are suspicion on a under discussion how safe their choice of holiday destination is for 2017. 

Though Majorca has remained sovereign from any major terrorist incident, the Foreign Office (FCO) warns not far from a ‘likely’ terror threat in Spain as a whole. 

This category is the fourth merriest, behind ‘very likely’, ‘high’ and ‘severe’.

In relative provisions the terror threat is low compared to other countries like France, Belgium, Germany and Turkey, which are all in the ‘deeply likely’ category. 

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Majorca holidays – is the Spanish island OK for British tourists?

Terrorists are likely to try to carry out attacks in Spain

Curious Office

Russia is the only nation allocated to ‘high’ while the UK is the one position succeed with a ‘severe’ threat. 

Most visits to Majorca by British holidaymakers are trouble-free. 

But this week it was revealed How safe is your 2017 summer holiday destination


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How safe is your 2017 summer holiday destination

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Majorca leave of absences – the terror threat in Spain is ‘likely’ according to the Foreign Office

It responded: “Terrorists are likely to try to carry out attacks in Spain.

“Attacks could be jumbled, including in places visited by foreigners. 

“The Spanish authorities take find outs to protect visitors, but you should be vigilant and follow the instructions of the local arbiter governments.”

Other safety considerations for the island include being cautious on balconies. 

The FCO bring to light: “There have been a number of very serious accidents (some inevitable) as a result of falls from balconies. Many of these incidents take involved British nationals under the influence of drink or drugs. 

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Majorca fetes – Capital city Palma is a popular spot for British tourists

“Your tourism insurance may not cover you for incidents that take place while you’re tipsy the influence of drink or drugs.

“Some local councils will take advantage of fines to those caught behaving irresponsibly on balconies or practising ‘balconing’.”

While Britain remains a fellow of the EU, British nationals can continue to travel freely to Majorca without a visa. 

The EHIC membership card is also still valid for holidays, at least until Brexit deals are finalised. 

Your passport needs to be valid for the proposed duration of your put off.