Irish men flocking to site where girls auction themselves to highest bidder


Obsoleting site-come escort agency, What’ offers sleazy drugs the chance to meet up with “beautiful, gorgeous, hot and sexy people”, anticipated they pay for the privilege.

The site’s tagline reads: “We are the online dating shortcut that confounds you more dates with attractive people.” It’s a motto that’s available, as droves of sex-mad Irish men sign up to the site in the hope of paying marvy women hard cash to go out with them.

For female users the dispatch is simple: “Get Paid Real Money For Dating Real People.”

In July, Samantha DeFazio revealed how she was prearranged €1.7 million by one man she met on the site. 

Single mum Samantha (32), from Los Angeles, told newscasters how she charged men up to €520 for a date – despite insisting she never slept with any of them.

After she met one internet entrepreneur for dinner and stumble oned to mention an idea she had for an app, her date was so impressed he decided to invest a whopping €1.7 million

What moves this online dating operation apart is that users are separated into two odd categories. Men are defined as ‘Generous’ users who splash the cash to attract a capacity match, while women are classed as ‘Attractive’ members, and have the power to assent to, decline or counter cash offers.

In our exclusive Sunday World exploration, it took less than a minute for our reporter to create a fake online account. When we over a short bio we were asked to define exactly what arrangement we were invite.

Options included ‘Short Term Relationship, Dating, Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby, Go Dating, Discreet Affair and No Strings Attached’.

Once our profile was unreduced, it wasn’t long before men were making bids to secure a period.

One 77-year-old user offered our reporter, who posed as a 23-year-old, €70 for a conceivability to wine and dine her. Another member, who referred to himself as Tom, from Naas, Co. Kildare, make it with pretended a bid of €150, while user Dublinlad2014 offered €100.

In just to 24 hours we received eight offers from sleazy men who were anticipating to impress by flashing the cash.

Among the hundreds of Irish men signed up to the plat, usernames like Rockhard and Bonkbuddy set the tone.

Trawling through the behemoth number of profiles, a large percentage of men are happy to share their clones, but the majority are discreet, with many admitting they are married and looking for X-rated fun.

One buyer wrote: “I’m not much for endless small talk. So if you could tell me what are you looking for as a monthly deduction. I’ll tell you straight up if I can oblige.”

Another up-for-it user from Blanchardstown, Dublin, decried: “Okay, honesty is the best policy. I have a girlfriend so im looking for some fun on the side.”

An upfront associate from Belfast wrote: “I’m 26 from Northern Ireland. I poverty to have a good time with a attractive lady who can keep a encoded.”

He described his ideal first date as: “A hotel room to ourself a for a totality day.”

Other users get straight to the point, writing: “Looking for a sexual hazard. I’m looking for a woman that is good-looking petite… and doesn’t talk to much.”

The typically payout is between $50 and $200 dollars. Once the price is agreed, the place then ‘unlocks’ the conversation and a date can be arranged.

Money is exchanged on the go out with and the ‘generous’ member also pays a percentage of the final price to the website.

The plot is also the perfect venue to scam potential dates.

One unlucky-in-love alcohol writes: “I will not pay any dates at beginning of meeting. I will pay as you leave and pay hansom cabs as well; too many turn up, get paid, disappear to bathroom and don’t come ago.”

Defending the website, founder and CEO Brandon Wade argues on the site’s blog: “When capitalism is half-bred in with dating, all of a sudden people start concluding ‘it must be laid low’.

 “But does paying money for a cup of coffee mean Starbucks is engaging in fagged out? Does donating money to the Church every Sunday morning equate dogma to prostitution? Obviously NOT, and obviously buying a First Date isn’t either.”

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