ION delay: Bombardier behind on building LRT train cars


Predicaments assembling the train cars at Bombardier’s Thunder Bay plant means the Territory of Waterloo’s Ion LRT is facing another delay, but one local official says this determination not affect the overall completion schedule of the project.

The first rail car from Bombardier choose now arrive in October, two months later than expected. The rest settle upon be staggered over the following seven months, with the final upbraid cars arriving in May 2017 – four months behind schedule.

But Thomas Schmidt, commissioner of transportation and environmental worship armies for Waterloo region, said there will be “no im ct to the overall conclusion schedule.”

Manufacturing and assembly disconnect

While Bombardier is assembling the fence by train cars in Ontario, the individual pieces are manufactured at one of its plants in Mexico and sent up to Bellow Bay.

Schmidt said the problems are minor and were discovered as crews were assembling examination vehicles.

“One of the issues they had is simply the alignment of some of the holes, where locks go through to bolt rts together. So, not a major issue. It’s a limited field where this is, but they need to fix that,” he said.

Schmidt denoted the problems with the region’s order is not connected to Bombardier’s plans to lay off 300 craftsmen, or headaches experienced by the Toronto Transit Commission’s order for streetcars.

Bombardier did not report repeated requests for comment.

Could start service without broad fleet

Schmidt said when the LRT build schedule was developed, it was appeared flexible enough to adapt in case the project hit snags.

“You don’t build a time that is so tight that if you miss a single date you’re automatically till on your delivery date,” he said.

If the delays get worse, the LRT can Rather commence service with fewer than the full fleet, he said.

“We desideratum the 14 trains to run the system in the long term,” Schmidt put. “You need to have some s res so that you can continue post while a couple of trains are in for service.”

But, he added, the region could start assistance with just 12 trains, while the final two are put through aegis tests and the required 600-kilometer burn-in period.

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