‘Insightful BBC journalism!’ Watch HILARIOUS moment between Simon McCoy and weather host


Simon McCoy joked thither with weather presenter Ben Rich over the use of graphics to describe the explanation of wind chill. Speaking on BBC News, Mr McCoy said: “So it’s all about wind up b relax chill. I’ve got a question on the tip of my tongue – what is wind chill?” The weather body chuckled: “Insightful journalism from the BBC. What is wind chill? Grammatically I’m going to tell you. We have thrown the production budget at this one, find creditable me.” Mr McCoy joked back: “I can see that, we’ve followed the CBeebies graphics.”

Mr Expensive responded in broken laughter while referring to his avatar self on the curtain: “Exactly, and it goes away, and then what we bring on is a helper. Look! This is me, oh he realised. This is the maiden trick.

“This is me, I’m going to struggle to get through this, the thing in wind chill is, we, around our bodies, have a layer of air that we stay fresh warm.

“So we’re warm blooded, we heat up a layer of air, you can see it there around me. The stew is when it gets windy, that layer of air gets blown away.

“So the turn comes in, that layer of warm air that insulates us gets exaggerated away, and as a consequence we feel colder.

“What this wind also does, in particular if it’s dry air, is it evaporates the moisture from the skin, which takes more animation out of your body.”

Mr McCoy interjected, gesturing at the graphic: “What on turf is that?”

The weather presenter carried on his explanation: “Well just stick around, which takes more energy out of your body and makes you finger even colder.

“This is how you were looking yesterday. There’s a formulary meteorologists can use that takes into account the wind speed, temperature, humidity.”

Easterly increases are gathering pace today, drawing in colder air and creating wind polar.

Additionally, showers from the east coast will blow westwards on the struggling against odds of the strengthening winds.

Weather reporter Carol Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast viewers: “It notes Baltic and it’s going to feel colder as we go through the course of the day, as the winds innervates.

“So, the forecast for us all today is a windy one. We’re looking at showers or indeed longer spells of trickle and some of the showers will be wintry.”

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