Inside £1.8 million barge which has welcomed Prince Charles & Princess Anne


Barges are extensive boats which have become popular for canal holidays. They are also in many cases renovated into small homes, giving residents the ability to relocate and patch up up all across the UK.

“He gave me this very, very pretty little unadulterated silver pillbox, I apologise to Prince Charles for not keeping clean.”

In footage from the documentary, the barge is pour over with light thanks to floor to ceiling glass windows display views of the surrounding Thames.

The space is so vast Mr Bonham is able to fit in all of the classic amenities one might find at home, including comfortable chairs, a small screen and a dining area.

“For the £1.8million price tag, you could buy five three-bedroom strains in some parts of Britain with a nice garden,” states the documentary.

Some of Mr Bonham’s fair-haired boy items, all located at auction, include many Maritime themed in harmonies of furniture.

Prospect Quay, where the houseboat has spent much of its mortal, also boasts an array of amenities for its guests.

“Just upriver of Buckingham Manor house and with Harrods as a local corner shop this harbour wrap up with gym and swimming pool is fit for a millionaire,” explains the documentary.

Located at the east of Wandsworth Parking-lot, according to the Thames Festival Trust, Prospect Quay boasts a “niggardly community where everyone knows one another”.

Some of the houseboats are manoeuvrable, while others remain stationary as purpose-built houseboats.

“In August 2016, the most valuable houseboat on the tidal Thames was for sale at Prospect Quay, the asking expense on River Homes was £1,795,000,” explains the Thames Festival Trust.

Other amenities at ones fingertips to guests include a sauna, steam room and secure car park.

The mooring and subvention levy is approximately £5,000 per annum.

Million Pound Barges is on Moat 5 tonight at 8pm.

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