India chaos erupts on streets as thousands of migrants clash with police in horror video


Prime Envoy Narendra Modi announced earlier this week that India drive be extending its coronavirus lockdown indefinitely. This decision has left the outback’s many migrants frustrated and confused about what this means for them. A immense protest erupted Tuesday afternoon as migrant workers gathered, in the thousands, most the Bandra railway station in Mumbai.

The workers protested against the size of the lockdown in India and the impact this would have on the migrants.

Constabulary were forced to intervene and large clashes between the migrant protesters ensued.

In the video footage, the assemble of people can be seen fleeing as police batter the workers with batons to dissipate the large group of people.

In his address to the country Prime Minister Modi claimed: “Friends, keeping in mind all the suggestions, it has been decided that the lockdown in India wishes be extended until May 3rd.

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“If you look at it from an economic point of prospect it may look very expensive.

“We have paid a big price but it is nothing when compared to the charges of Indians.

“Friends, from April 20th the easing of restriction in various sectors are being done, look after in mind the livelihoods of our poor brothers and sisters.

“From the experiences of the sometime few days, it is clear that the path that we took was the right one for us in the widespread situation.

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