'I'm doing good with minors' Madonna jokes about exposing teenage fan's breast on stage


During Thursday edge of night’s Brisbane gig, the 57-year-old was filmed yanking at Josephine Georgiou’s black bodice, revealing her Nautical port breast to a rather shocked audience.

Not letting the incident affect her about in any way though, Madonna took to the stage this evening in Sydney to butt about s nking another youngster.

Draping one of her female dancers during the course of her knee, the Like A Virgin hitmaker said: “How old are you? 15 or 16?” to which she replied: “14.”

“ latable. I’m doin’ good with minors these days,” Madonna then bring up.

Madonna’s erratic behaviour has been a major talking point during the Australian constraint of her Rebel Heart Tour, with her being reported as having numerous “meltdowns” midst her custody battle with ex-husband Guy Ritchie over her son Rocco.

The celebrated musician told tonight’s audience: “Here’s the thing: I don’t even gulp. But because I’ve been accused of being an alcoholic so many times, I’m gonna start stirrup-cup. So f**k you!

“I just get myself into trouble when I say things! I should no more than learn to be quiet like my dad taught me.”

Madonna’s latest outburst comes after teenage Josephine defended the chorus-member after she flashed her breast on stage, with her insisting that it was a “treaty moment”.

The youngster also said that the only reason she looked so surprised was because she’d been invited on lap by her idol.

When asked if she knew what was going to happen on tier, she explained that she was told to get up and dance and that Madonna would smack her.

The brunette continued to say of the boob incident: “Ah it was nothing. It was so nothing. It was honest a funny little slip-up, that was it. If anything it was a bonding moment with Madonna.

“It was so first-class. Like, it was nothing. It was not a big deal. It’s just my boob, it’s just rt of my fraternity, it’s just more of me.”

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