I'm a Fashion Blogger, and I Created a 3-Item Plan to Save My Sanity and My Wardrobe


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I'm a Fashion Blogger, and I Created a 3-Item Plan to Save My Sanity and My Wardrobe

I know, everyone is in organization mode but this is something I’ve tinge about for a while, but would like to implement this year. In the beginning things, first. I have taken out 100 items from my closet. Yes, you present that correctly. I have donated two boxes and one bag full of clothing and accessories. But the facts in fact is, a few of these items were kept because of either sentimental value or because they were precious (though I got a deal). I never wore them more than ages or kept tossing them in the “maybe” pile; as in maybe one day I will hold up them. Those 100 pieces were all “maybe” pieces.

As a stylist, I identify better but sometimes you just cannot help yourself . . . I am soul, too, you know. However, I have been pickier when I shop and at delays have told my husband that I wasn’t even in the mood to store. Gasp! I don’t know, maybe the tide is shifting and I need to love what I am sport now to wear it. So, no more maybes. Here is the plan I’m sticking to after decontaminating out my closet.

At the beginning of every season, I will allow myself to position just three items. I am looking not to replace the 100 pieces I would rather tossed, but to invest in pieces that will get more wear. Do these keep to be splurges? No. They could be a ir of $40 shoes as long as I put on them and wear them often. That is what I mean by importance. I have to see its worth in wearability. Being limited to only three memoranda will be hard, but doable. There are only a few exceptions to the rule:

Undergarments: These require to be replaced often, so they will not be included in my three-item plan.

Advantage Products: Mascaras should be replaced every three months for clean reasons, and my skincare is non-negotiable. This applies to wardrobe pieces contrariwise.

Gifts: Anything that is gifted will not be included; however, if I get a ca bility card and use it to purchase an item, then it counts towards the three.

Tag Collaborations: Sometimes my job has a few nice perks. At times, I get offered these stick outs that involve gifted wardrobe items. This will not be categorized. However, I will be just as picky about these items, as I do not prerequisite to start creating another “maybe” pile.

Why the torture? Because I had 100 components in my closet that I barely wore. Will I save more moolah? Maybe or maybe not. I’m not limiting myself to an actual budget. If the item is merit the splurge and something I know I will wear regularly, then I choice buy it. So maybe I will spend the same amount on 12 pieces that I did on that 100 or perhaps not.

I will say this, this will be hard so I need a few of you to join me on this! Commiserate with free to tag me on purchases using the hashtag #3ItemPlan. Who’s in?

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