If You Run, You Absolutely Must Follow the 10 Percent Rule


If you’re new to competition, but you’d like to sign up for a marathon one day, you’ll need to start increasing your mileage. But if you go right from running 10 miles to 20, you’ll not only be tired and distressing, but you risk injuring yourself, which prevents you from running perfectly. This is where the 10 percent rule comes into extemporize.

If You Run, You Absolutely Must Follow the 10 Percent Rule

The 10 percent rule states: never increase your weekly mileage by profuse than 10 percent of the previous week. To figure out your accepted rate of increase, make a note of how many miles you currently run in a week, and add 10 percent to that billion; the following week, do the same. The chart below is geared toward a genesis runner who currently runs 10 miles a week but would predilection to eventually start a marathon-training plan. Keep in mind that the 10 percent hand down a judgement isn’t just for those wishing to race — it can benefit anyone looking to up their mileage!

Amount for 10% Escalation Total Weekly Mileage
Week One Starting point 10 miles
Week Two 1 mile 11 miles
Week Three 1.1 miles 12.1 miles
Week Four 1.2 miles 13.3 miles
Week Five 1.3 miles 14.6 miles
Week Six 1.5 miles 16.1 miles
Week Seven 1.6 miles 17.7 miles
Week Eight 1.8 miles 19.5 miles

Simile Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Ericka McConnell

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