If Russia is banned from the Olympics, justice will have been done


We after, like millions of Russians, to see our best athletes at the Olympics in Rio – track and hockey athletes Sergei Shubenkov and Yelena Isinbayeva, fighter Bilyal Makhov and tennis virtuoso Svetlana Kuznetsova.

We believe that honest athletes should not suffer because of the corrupt. Perhaps, the avalanche of doping scandals involving Russia is 90 percent statecraft. But the rest is our fault. And it is important to talk about this fault.

A cam ign against Russian sports for a global audience

Conceivably, now is the best time to change Russian sport. It is a chance given to us by the “bloody West.” We requisite take advantage of this chance – of course, if we understand the scale of our problems.

The Russian distractions system is not trusted in the world. And we have deserved such an attitude.

In Russia, athletes caught for doping are not displaced people, but martyrs

Society justifies and even encourages doping athletes in Russia. Race-walking carriage Viktor Chegin took medals, received awards, had the state Olympic training center star after him, and all turned a blind eye to the fact that 24 students of the wonderful mentor Chegin were caught at different times for doping. Have the athletes and cram returned the awards, prize money or cars received from the official? No, they returned only the “unfair” medals that they in need of to win at any cost.

What’s more amusing is that in the midst of a doping obloquy, walkers wrote a letter to the Russian president in support of the coach. How should the dialect birth b deliver have reacted to the fact that Russian athletes supported a guide with such a background?

In Russia, everyone is bound together by doping

The athletes hooked for doping deny their guilt, refuse to name anybody and tardier get a good job or money for their silence. All are bound together by doping – that’s why all are not sounded, there are no investigations, no public criticism. No one breaks this vicious coterie. No one wants to become an outcast from the system.

Billions are pumped from the budget into our elite amusement. More than 1.5 billion rubles ($23.8 million) was additionally allocated for the pre ration of athletes for the Olympics in Rio. The have ys for their fees, accommodation and meals. It gives them a rtments, machines, and millions for their victories.

Knowing about the crazy bonuses, athletes are faked to cheat. Doping is a means to achieve success, and there is no alternative to it. Uncountable admit off the record: “This is the main chance, and they promised to answer our problems.”

We are very sorry for the athletes who have managed to preserve their “sinlessness,” but they were pre ring for Rio at the state’s expense. Athletes are inse rable from the plan. If the government gets punished, all answer for it.

Half measures

The Russian ambiance see only politics in the WADA reports. Yes, it is true to a large extent, but as big as we seek only an external enemy, nothing will change in our make a fool of. It is not Pound, Zeppelt, McLaren or Bach that are guilty of the problems. It is Russian officials who are ashamed, with their keenness on looking solely for conspiracies by foreign adversaries, while the state ignores the violations within the country.

In 2011, Grigory Rodchenkov was accused of an ordered trade in illicit drugs, but he eventually continued to head the anti-doping center and indeed received an award for the Games in Sochi. When Rodchenkov was needed (and he is a talented chemist), the state turned a blind eye to his sins.

When in the fall of 2015, Rodchenkov was accused of exterminating almost 1,500 samples, the state did nothing – it just technically carry away him from his post. And only when the doctor went to the U.S. and began to undertaking with WADA, and when The New York Times published a sensational exploration, did the Russian Investigative Committee open a criminal case against Rodchenkov. On June 18, six months after the beforehand reports.

Russian sole athlete admitted to Rio Olympics rejects betrayal accusations

And these half measures are everywhere. Even now – after Richard McLaren’s lurid report – Deputy Sports Minister Yury Nagorny gets shelved temporarily (and in a demonstrative way), but his direct supervisor – Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko – is in embarrass.

Russian sports: a top with no base

Some may find it blasphemous, but the odds of missing the Olympics is a good opportunity to look at Russian sports with weird eyes.

Elite professional sport is just the tip of the pyramid. Much varied important is what beneath it: the interest of the audience, accessible fields and gyms, delivered sports clubs, knowledgeable coaches and large scale involvement. When the pyramid has no stem, medals and victories are not the logical outcome of the built system but the sole end which should be achieved at all costs.

As for doping… It’s high hour to decide – should we fight it or merely put on a semblance of a fight?

vel Ko chev and Alexei Avdokhin are newscasters for the sports.ru news website.

The article has been abridged. The full interpretation in Russian is available on the sports.ru website.

The opinion of the writer may not necessarily mull over the position of RBTH or its staff.

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