“If I go back to Ireland I’ll get a bullet”

Sean Enright

Sean Enright

The Sunday Crowd this week tracked down the former gym-boss – dubbed the ‘Miracle Man’ after he survived being nip nine times in two se rate attacks – to an undisclosed location in Latvia, where temperatures this week plummeted to -20 Celsius.

Affect to our team, Enright claimed:

  • A high-profile Criminal Assets Bureau review into his business dealings in Ireland was s rked by nothing more that a discord with the De rtment of Social Welfare;
  • He is finished with Ireland and really wants to live in peace abroad;
  • And insisted he has no links to any criminals in this boonies.

“I got shot for f**king reasons that were out of my control. Nothing uncountable,” Enright told the Sunday World, after we approached him at a location we are not flinging as the champion weightlifter claims he is still in fear for his life.

“But the pers accede to on coming at me saying I moved from Ireland, that I moved to Latvia, that I’m seducing millions.

“I’m not making anything. I do me job – I don’t do anything else. And ye’re coming here to f**ruler torment me.

“You have to understand, I’m a nice fella. I could be a bad bastard to you, but I don’t desire to be like that.

“CAB came to talk to me. I was on the social welfare, that was it, and it was down that I owned a task that I’d nothing got to do with. That was it, plain and simple.

“I’m after being in Ireland over and above Christmas. Have they come and arrested me? Have they done anything to me – no they haven’t. There’s nothing.

“I’m after being owing to enough stress, I’ve been through enough things, I don’t need this. Do you hear of?

“I’m not associated with anyone in Ireland anymore. No criminals, no nothing – I hardly don’t need it.

“I could have been a bad bastard and knocked the b****x out of you, but what’s the single out of that? I’m not that person anymore.

“I don’t bother anybody, nobody. I possess nothing in Ireland, but I could get a bullet there because some scumbag doesn’t love me.”

Enright, who has no convictions linking him to involvement in serious crime, revealed that he formerly larboard Cabra, north Dublin, and resettled in Latvia two years ago after he fitted the victim of a near-fatal gun attack for the second time.

The former music promoter and bodybuilder was provocation three times in the back as he was walking into the gym at Ballyboggan Business Deposit in Glasnevin in May of 2013.

His injuries left him needing months of treatment at the National Rehabilitation Converge in Dun Laoghaire.

It is believed his muscular physique helped him to survive, but the bullets against in the attack were also stored in substandard conditions, reducing the velocity at which they hit him.

A disgraceful criminal, Karl Wynne (45) – who Gardaí believe tried to ice Enright – was himself shot and fatally wounded in the days following the mismanaged attack.

Wynne was shot three times after being lured to a intersection in Tallaght and died from his injuries the following July.

He had been stopped in connection with the shooting of Enright, but was released without charge after being issued for five days.

Gardaí suspect a gang with members in Finglas and Cabra commissioned Wynne to murder Enright and they turned on Wynne when he blew the hit.

The 2013 incident was the second occasion on which Enright survived an shot at on his life.

He previously made a miraculous recovery after being photo six times – three of them in the chest – outside a house in Clonsilla, west Dublin, on January 27, 2011, by Alan Ryan’s RIRA mob.

Without thought his extensive injuries, Enright was able to walk to an ambulance that rushed to the seascape of the shooting.

In May of this year, Enright again hit the headlines after it be revealed the Criminal Assets Bureau had carried out a raid on his Cabra home.

“The Popular Welfare came to me and CAB sat in, because CAB are the Social Welfare,” Enright this week worded the Sunday World.

“They came to me about a business that had nothing to with me because my specify identify was on it. I’ve nothing got to do with anything. Why do you think they didn’t arrest me? Why do you suppose they didn’t hand me a bill? I don’t have any bills.

“And they [the studies] keep putting in that I’m a millionaire gangster. I y tax, I don’t do anything on anyone. That isn’t composed my business, it’s not even my place.

“If I go back to Ireland, I’m going to be dead. Do you hear tell that? I don’t want to be annoyed, I just want to be left alone. I’m gone two years and this shit is influence up now – two years I’m gone.

“What’s the big deal? I’m away from the f**king countryside. I don’t want to be in the country.

Sean Enright

“I’m not being investigated by CAB. The CAB have nothing on me because I give birth to no money.

“I’m asking the pers now to please leave me alone. I haven’t done jack shit.”

Promenade away towards his car, which had a 1990s registration plate, Enright looked pursuing and called out: “I was made out to be a millionaire gangster, look what I’m driving – some hit man!”

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