'I just burst into tears' Millionaire mum lucks out with big scratchcard win


Tammie Pickett, 37, spooned the £1million prize when she bought a couple of Monopoly Millionaire scratchcards along with the treats for her daughter. 

After determination the £1million winning symbol, the mum-of-four ran back into the store. 

She spoke to the assistant and about a invited him to check her scratchcard on the machine. 

Mrs Pickett, from Basingstoke, Hampshire, state: “Thankfully I know Ryan well, I used to work in the shop with him, so he without hesitation took the scratchcard, put it into the lottery terminal and confirmed it was a very big win. 

“I very recently burst into tears of joy. I couldn’t believe it and all the time my poor trivial daughter was worried something bad had happened.” 

Mrs Pickett and husband Ian, 35, drew toasting their win, now plan to trade their rented home with shared bedrooms for their adolescents for their own four-bedroom house. 

She said: “We will all benefit from this win but I’m celebrating my feet firmly on the ground.”

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