Husband of baby beheading nanny arrested after 'zealot radicalised woman'


Mamur Dzhurakulov, 48, had wed Gyulchekhra Bobokulova in a Sharia ceremonial, after which her behaviour and outlook on life changed, according to her obsolete son who said she encouraged him to train as a jihad fighter in Syria.

The 38-year-old nanny, a townswoman of Uzbekistan, was last week charged with murdering the child, whose se rated head she brandished in the streets of Moscow.

She confessed to the killing and claimed it was get for Vladimir Putin’s aerial bombardment of Muslims in Syria.

She is currently sustaining psychiatric tests while under arrest in Russia, according to medical validates.

Her Sharia husband Dzhurakulov, who the nanny met in March 2014, was detained by Tajik the long arm of the law last week, it is understood.

He is expected to face questioning on his relationship with the nanny and whether, as supervise suspect, he encouraged her to commit an act of terror in murdering the child.

She is believed to organize had a raging argument with him on the phone the day before killing Nastya Meshcheryakova, who was become engrossed in the Orel region of Russia today.

The nanny’s son Rakhmatillo Ashurov, 19, asserted his mother became a different person after marrying Dzhurakulov.

He let someone knowed police in Uzbekistan: “Since that time, I noticed that my matriarch changed.

“During phone calls she started regularly telling me to beg for five times a day, and to live in line with Sharia Law as it is an obligation of every Muslim.”

Subordinate to the influence of Dzhurakulov, she told him he could become a jihad fighter and go to Syria with her – but he refused.

He prognosticated: “She told me that she wanted to do the Hajj and move to Syria because she wish be able to wear a hijab, live in line with Sharia Law, swotting Islamic law.

“Once I’d trained in a militant camp, I could become a mujahedin fighter and do jihad.

“Mamur could go to Syria with us if he was qualified to.”

The son said he bluntly refused his mother’s suggestion, and told her he would instead emigrate to America or South Korea.

He also revealed that for a outmoded he lived in Dzhurakulov’s flat which he shared with other way down devout migrant workers.

He said: “All of them were fastidious, were praying regularly.”

The discussed moving to a country where Sharia Law suited, but Ashurov said he moved out because he was not religious.

Ashurov was last week detained in his aboriginal Uzbekistan after his mother committed the act.

He was sentenced to a 15 day ‘administrative lashing’ as law enforcement sources said he had been ‘influenced’ by recruiters for ISIS who encouraged him to go and brush in Syria.

Anastasia’s rents Ekaterina and Vladimir thanked Russians for remove funds for them after their home was destroyed in a fire ignited by the nanny in two shakes of a lambs tail after she killed the child.

The couple buried their daughter in a rite in their native Orel region.

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