Hungary election 2018 LIVE RESULTS: Latest news as polls close


This year’s Hungarian appointment has been marked by an acrimonious campaign that saw incumbent right-wing prime padre Mr Orban speaking out against immigration and the European Union’s refugee means.

If Mr Orban achieves a strong win today, he could feel empowered by the voters’ flower to put more muscle into an anti-EU Central European alliance, which contrasts to a deeper integration of the bloc and a shared responsibility of the hospitality of refugees reaching the European League.

Opinion polls released in the run up to the vote put his party Fidesz well in advance his adversaries.

But pollsters warned that the surprisingly high voting muster registered may threaten Mr Orban’s victory. 

Peter Kreko, Director of think tank Administrative Capital, said: “High turnout means, most probably, less mandates for Fidesz than in the foregoing term”.

The National Election Office reported a surprisingly high out-turn, which at 3pm today amounted to 53.6 per cent of the population with show of hand rights.

Dominik Hejj, a Hungarian-Polish politologist in Hungary, tweeted out fill someone ins and videos of the masses queuing up to vote.

He said: “Even more man. The police shut down two streets, water was brought in and the voters were branch out into two queues depending on their addresses. It’s all young people.” 

In important London, Hungarians expats queued for hundreds of metres in the rain to certify, some waiting for more than two hours.

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Hungary electing results: Opposition leader Ferenc Gyurcsany and PM Viktor Orban

Prime Padre Orban also went to cast his ballot at his local polling status in Budapest this morning with his wife Aniko Levai.

He know scolded reporters: “I tried to come early. The campaign continues until the ballot whacks are closed.

“I will take part in mobilising the voters. Not only are we selecting proponents and a Government, but our own futures.”

Polling stations will close at 7pm local even so (6pm GMT).

The vote counting is set to begin soon after.


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Hungary referendum results: Mr Orban voted earlier today

9.20pm UPDATE

Hungarian supervision’s blog cites Fidesz’ vice chairmen Szilárd Némethsaying he watches the ruling party to retain a “sizeable majority”. 

9.05pm UPDATE

Hungary’s State Election Office said it expects to release preliminary results of Sunday’s poll around 9pm GMT, later than earlier thought, as hundreds of people are hush queuing to vote in Budapest.

The head of the office, Ilona Palffy, squeaked private broadcaster ATV that turnout in two districts was much higher than anticipated.

Voters were not allowed to weld queues at polling stations after 5pm GMT, but some polling stations secured open to allow those already in line to cast their ballots.

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Hungary appointment results: People are still waiting in line to vote in Budapest

9.00pm UPDATE 

Hungarian advice website HVG released the first partial and unofficial results.

HVG claimed that hostile parties are in the lead in at least four electoral districts, which are: 

Budapest – Csepel: Szabolcs Szabó (Együtt) men against Szilárd Németh of Fidesz;

Budapest – 15th Electoral Area: Ágnes Kunhalmi (MSZP-P) leads against Fidesz;

Budapest VIII: Dezső Hiszékeny (MSZP-P) reportedly won already;

Érd – Curse County: László Csőszik (MSZP-P) is leading against András Aradszki of Fidesz. 

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Hungary plebiscite results: Preliminary results will be released after 9pm GMT

8.45pm UPDATE

A noteworthy has appeared on a balcony located in Budapest’s eleventh district, where thousands of living soul who arrived at the polling station before the official closing time are assuage queuing waiting to vote. 

The banner reads: “Thank you for voting.”

Ilona Pálffy of the Nationalist Election Office confirmed that 2,500 are still in line to guarantee at this station.

She also recognized that the delay is a problem that her Commission must resolve for future elections.

The first preliminary results wishes be released only after this polling station will be confining. 

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Hungary election results: A banner thanking people for back up appeared in Budapest

8.30pm UPDATE

The turnout could be a crucial factor of Hungary’s referendum 2018. 

Here’s the voter turnout of the country’s elections since 1990: 

2018: 68 per cent (interim information)

2014: 61.8 per cent 

2010: 64.4 per cent 

2006: 67.8 per cent 

2002: 73.5 per cent 

1998: 56 per cent 

1994: 68 per cent 

1990: 65 per cent 

8.05pm UPDATE

Info website Index is predicting that Mr Orban will retain a decreased but stable majority in Parliament.

Index, despite recognising that this is moral a projection, forecasted the following seat count in the 199 member Parliament:



MSZP-P: 22

DK: 12

LMP: 11

Unsolicited: 2

Együtt: 1

German minority list: 1

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Hungary election concludes: First official projections are expected to be released after 9.30pm GMT


Mr Orban’s spokesman Zoltán Kovács reproached The Guardian that a two-thirds parliamentary majority is not a necessary benchmark.

He go on increased: “If it’s a convincing majority, that’s going to be enough.”

He also said that the squiffed turnout is a sign that “Hungarian democracy is alive and ticking”.

During the interval, there are still approximately 2,500 people at a polling station in Budapest’s eleventh precinct waiting to vote. 

7.50pm UPDATE

Hungarian National Election Office said they guess to publish preliminary results around 7.30pm GMT. 

7.45pm UPDATE

PM Orban’s contenders have been cheering the high turnout in the Hungarian parliamentary vote. 

Socialist spokeswoman Bernadett Budai was quoted as saying by national information agency MTI: “We are convinced that high turnout definitely reflects…that living soul want a change in government.”

A high turnout in the 2002 election saw Mr Orban confined to the antagonistic for eight years. 

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Hungary election results: A very high-frequency turnout could threaten PM Orban’s parliamentary majority

7.35pm UPDATE

Most questioning stations have now been closed, and the vote count is set to begin. 

The nomination day has been marked by a very high turnout that could augur Viktor Orban’s parliamentary majority. 

Interim data at 1630 GMT showed voter volume at 68.13 percent, exceeding final turnout in the past three polls.

7.30pm UPDATE

Opposition activists have been gathering in front of the Hungarian parliament in a tent to wait for occurs since 6pm GMT, Politico correspondent Lili Bayer reported. 

She said that there is “severe police presence in the area”. 

Hungary election 2018 results live pollsGETTY

Hungary election results: Gergely Gulyas rumoured Fidesz is unlikely to win a two-thirds majority

7.20pm UPDATE

Fidesz group bossman Gergely Gulyás thanked Hungarians for the high turnout, which grandstand a exposes that “Hungarian democracy is strong”, official website reported. 

He augmented: “We thank all those who have voted, this way the next government can receive a strong legitimacy.

“It may very well be the highest turnout ever.

“The parliament of Hungary desire then be especially strong.” 

Hungary election 2018 results live pollsGETTY

Hungary election results: Opposed activists are reportedly gathering in front of parliament

7.00pm UPDATE

Ruling Fidesz ratifier lawmaker Gergely Gulyas said that it is unlikely that today’s vote on result in a two-thirds parliamentary majority. 

He said: “Theoretically everything is notwithstanding possible as we don’t know the data yet … but in Hungary a two-thirds victory is realizable if neither side loses more than 10 districts and there is a character of at least 20 percent between the winner and the runner-up”.

Mr Gulyas reckoned: “I consider this unlikely. I think this is outside the category of genuineness.”


New turnout data released by the National Election company show that a staggering 68.13 per cent of people with signify ones opinion rights turned up to the ballot before 4.30pm. 

Turnout was higher than the unchangeable turnout of 61.73 percent in the last election in 2014 which make overed Orban a landslide victory.

Some pollsters have said voter throng above 70 percent this time could cause the sway Fidesz to lose its parliamentary majority.

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