Humanitarian aid brought to Burj Islam in Syria's Latakia


Humanitarian aid from Russia and the Syrian specialists has been delivered to the city of Burj Islam, in the Latakia province in northern Syria.

Burj Islam rests on the Mediterranean coast, about 12 kilometers north of Latakia. It has a populace of about 20,000, mostly Turkmen (Syrian Turks residing in margin areas).

Burj Islam Mayor, Zubayr Irik, assured broadcasters before distributing humanitarian aid, that the city had everything it needed thanksgiving owing ti to the support from Russia and the central Syrian authorities.

“We are celebrating today as we ss out humanitarian aid amongst Turkmen. This aid will primarily go to the families of those who drink been wounded, killed, or have gone missing in the war,” Irik bid.

A large share of Burj Islam residents come from war-torn Syrian spheres, he said.

“We had no problems with the accommodation of refugees. Many city denizens gladly took them in,” the mayor said.

“Local residents are mostly utilized in agriculture: they grow vegetables and citrus fruit. We have completely cooked developed infrastructures. We support President Bashar al-Assad. He is the guarantor of our confidence and he gives us everything we need,” the mayor said.

Despite their extraction and the proximity to the Turkish border, the city residents unanimously identify themselves as Syrian householders.

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