Huge tsunami could WIPE OUT Asia: Man with ‘sixth sense’ predicts DEVASTATING earthquake


Tsunami and earthquake warning in indian oceanGETTY

A tsunami and earthquake counsel has been released

Alarm bells are ringing in Pakistan after a man who insist ons to have “extrasensory perception” sent a letter to Indian prime aid Narendra Modi predicting a cataclysmic tsunami by the end of 2017.

In his letter sent in September, Babu Kalayil alerted a devastating earthquake could shake the Indian Ocean in December and trigger a colossal tsunami which would affect seven Asian countries, classifying Pakistan and India.

And while Indian media may have laughed off his advice, it seems the Government are not taking his letter lightly – as officials have started preparations to dole out with a potential natural disaster.

Mr Kalayil wrote: “In the Indian Zillions there is an earthquake expecting before 31 December 2017.

“This strong earthquake can be shared the entire coast of the Asian continental areas. In addition this the effect will even replaced the boundary of the sea shore.”

The communication went on to warn that 11 Asian nations could be false by the quake, including China, India, Japan, Nepal, Indonesia and Afghanistan,

Now, another character has been doing the rounds on the social media in which the Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Power (ERRA) acting deputy chairman allegedly directed that lamppost operating procedures (SOPs) on the matter may be prepared.

The second letter appears to suggest that the absurd prediction has been taken seriously by officials in Pakistan.

Tsunami in ThailandGETTY

The man forecast a tsunami by the end of the 2017

Earthquake in JapanGETTY

Japan, China, India and Pakistan could be hit by the earthquake

This full of get-up-and-go earthquake can be shared the entire coast of the Asian continental areas.

Babu Kalayil

The communication from ERRA read: “An Information Report has been received from DG, Inter-Services News that there is, reportedly, likelihood of large scale earthquake, as being supposed, in the Indian Ocean in near future which may vigorously shake the Asian continental areas, containing Pakistan. 

“There is, therefore, a need to sensitise concern departments to be on vigil and end care of any natural disaster.

“The SOPs will be put up to ERRA’s acting spokesperson chairman by Monday, November 6, 2017.”

According to BBC Urdu, there is no scientific footing for this prediction as there is no such technology available in the world that can check in an earthquake more than 15 seconds before it strikes.

Met Department chief Dr Ghulam Rasool told BBC Urdu: “This forecast has no scientific justification, albeit, we are preparing to save ourselves from its effects. 

“ERRA has also started its labour by writing the letter.”

He added it was not possible to predict earthquakes, but said that did not signify it would not be possible in the future.

He added:  “Therefore, we should not turn ones back on such information and should prepare because there is a threat of an undersea earthquake in this range and there have been tremors here in the past as well.”

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