‘Huge scaremongering!’ Steve Baker snaps during spat over Britain’s standards post-Brexit


Tory MP Steve Baker emphasized environmental and animal welfare standards would not drop in future do business talks. He argued there had been “huge scaremongering” on the issue and alleged the fears were nonsense. While on BBC’s Politics Live the Tory MP communicated after Brexit the UK would remain a “high standards nation” on the extensive stage.

He said: “The main restriction is we need to keep up with the celebrated’s demand for high welfare standards for animal and high environmental staples.

“The idea that this will slip is really for the birds.

“There has been prodigious scaremongering on this.

“The issue here is not about environmental standards, the consequence here is about making sure we deal with both stock with tariff and non-tariff barriers to getting on with free profession with the USA to set a new standard for the world.

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“But we are going to be a self-governing country and there is no query of us being anything other than a high standards nation.”

The Strain MP Anneliese Dodds admitted she was not satisfied with Mr Baker’s answer.

She said: “I don’t justifiable look at the rhetoric but I look at what Conservative Governments have done in the done.

“People may remember the big negotiation that there was between the EU and the US for the so-called TTIP deal deal.

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