Huge 1,140 capacity mega jail to be built in Yorkshire village – residents outraged


Planning chiefs at East Annoying of Yorkshire Council will discuss proposals for a 1,440-capacity cooler at Full Sutton at a meeting on Thursday, September 12. The committee has been invited to approve the programmes, despite attracted over 2,700 objections. The building of the “mega gaol”, next door to HMP Full Sutton, a maximum security prison with a character of 608, forms part of Boris Johnson’s pledge to create an accessory 10,000 prison places nationwide.

Campaigners have organised a exhibition to take place outside the councils offices in Beverely when the convergence takes place.

Fiona Roberts, from the campaign group No Mega Lock-up At Full Sutton, said they hoped councillors would create the “right decision”.

She said: “We are calling on as many people who object to these lay outs to join us as we protest the building of this monstrosity.”

Residents say the prison thinks fitting be a significant eyesore and are concerned the jail would pose significant safe keeping risks.

One protester, 70-year-old Colin Clarke, who has lived in the ground for more 20 years, said of the proposed jail: “Structurally, it’s prospering to spoil the village. It’s going to make it a place that’s less pleasant for people to want to live.

“Besides all that, the traffic impact of clothing more than 500 staff working there, and visitors, is common to impact on the local road network.

“It’s really a terrible situation, and that’s the constituent of objecting to it.”

Another local, 61-year-old Fiona Roberts is solicitous the prison could lead to drug problems in the area.

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She said: “There is a big problem with drug use in prisons, extremely in mega prisons like Wrexham, and the drugs have got to get into the penitentiary somehow if they’re going to be used.

“That will attract stupefy dealers because the drugs can be lobbed over the fence, or flown in with drones.”

Tenants aren’t the only ones to have criticised the plans, Humberside Regulate have also lodged concerns.

Chief Superintendent Phil Division objected on the grounds that the new prison will push up crime dress downs, placing “significant additional demand” on the force.

He said similar-sized remand homes have resulted in 250 extra crimes a year – most of them damaging offences.

Mr Ward also raised concerns about the impact on the community and avenues – with many more people travelling to the area.

The original intends submitted two years ago were significantly smaller and saw the number of inmates fitted rise from 423 to 1,440.

But the new plans have increased the number of structures from 11 to 16, with six new four-storey floodlit accommodation plan b masks inside a 5m security fence.

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