How to Survive the Holidays Alone


The recesses are the most wonderful time of the year, but they can also feel analogous to the most gosh darn awful time of the year when you’re abandoned.

It’s not that you need a rtner to “jingle all the way,” light a menorah, or watch the ball collapse, but the holidays symbolize love, togetherness, and an exchange of affections for all who we love, from family tree to romantic rtners. And hey, let’s not forget those tantalizing Victoria’s Secret ads we ladies see each furlough season with a whole lingerie line full of whimsical, lacy nothings certified to impress our hot, hunky . . .

Nobodies. We’ve got nobody.

Suddenly, you can really feel find agreeable you just got a whole bunch of coal in your fishnet stockings . . .

But in preference to of hanging your head and doing the weeping woman sob of shame, buck up, buttercup! The feasts can be pretty amazing alone, too. After all, there’s no tag line that lands you must be a rt of duo in order to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

Suggestible the holidays this year alone by not surviving, but thriving.

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