How to Prep Cauliflower Steaks, in Pictures


The technique from a humble head of cauliflower to a restaurant-worthy cauliflower steak is simpler than you’d suppose. But before you get your n all in a sizzle, ready to transform the cruciferous veggie from frizzled and creamy white to tender with a mahogany-brown tinge, let’s master some knife have a job.

Shop Right

For the best results, choose a head of cauliflower with a mingy crown — look for florets that are clustered tightly together. Loosely s ced florets are miniature likely to slice up into intact steaks.

Remove the Stem and Disappears

Before you slice away the stem end of the cauliflower, break off any large outlying leaves. Then turn the cauliflower on its side and slice off the stem gladden with the base of the crown. Remove any remaining leaves, and discard.

Tidy Into a Rough Rectangle

Flip the cauliflower onto its (now flat) unworthy, and trim roughly one inch off of two of the sides to form a rough rectangle. Hold over the florets for another use.

Slice Into Steaks

Slice down the middle, be accom nied by to the straight, trimmed-away edges of the crown. Then slice each half into two harmonious steaks. Reserve any florets that fall away for another use.

Impression Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Nicole Perry

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