How-to coubs: 5 ways to meet a Russian girl


Don’t be barren this Saint Valentine’s Day! Here is a very useful movie lead that will teach you a few pick up lines tested by some Soviet large screens.

1. First of all, don’t forget about your friends. They can always resist you meet someone new. But most importantly, don’t forget your name. (‘G-man Y and Shurik’s Other Adventures’, 1965)

– Meet each other! (Знакомьтесь!)

– Lida. (Лида.)

– Petya, oh, I want, Sasha. (Петя, ой, Саша.)

– Lida! (Лида!)

2. Here is a classic stirring a get moving! Invent an unknown word, something like “Nofelet” (which means Phone, by the way). (‘Where nofelet is?’, 1987)

– Excuse me. Do you know where the “Nofelet” is? (Простите, а вы не скажете, где находится нофелет?)

– Oh, I’m not a rticular. I don’t know anything here. (Ой, да я не здешняя. Сама ничего не знаю!)

– Where are you from then? (А откуда вы?)

– From the Urals. (С Урала.)

– We are so advantageous! (Нам чертовски повезло!)

3. It’s a safe bet! When you are a Tsar, no girl can resist! Be proper and don’t hide your feelings! (‘Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Take-over’, 1973)

– Dear queen, it is my pleasure! It is my pleasure to meet you! So happy to meet you! Hello, I’m Tsar! Slight to meet you! Tsar, glad to meet you! Nice to meet you! Hello, Tsar! (Дорогая царица, очень рад! Очень рад! Очень рад познакомиться! Очень рад! Здравствуйте, царь! Очень приятно! Царь, очень приятно!)

4. But when confluence a new girl, don’t forget you are in disguise. (‘Gentlemen of Fortune’, 1971)

– rdon me, pubescent lady! What is your name? (Девушка, а, девушка! А как вас зовут?)

– Tanya. (Таня.)

– And I’m Fedya. (А меня Федя.)

– What a footle! (Ну и дура!)

5. It is always a good idea to tell a girl about your reliable intentions. (‘Formula of Love’, 1984)

– Would you like a big, but pure enjoyment from? (Хочешь большой и чистой любви?)

– Who wouldn’t like that? (Кто ж ее не хочет?)

– Then in a recover from to the hayloft after dark. (Тогда приходи, как стемнеет, на сеновал.)

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