How to Be the Ultimate Maid of Honor


Anterior to we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s look at the big picture. The maid of honor’s primary advantage falls under three major categories: support the bride, handle the bridesmaids, and be available. Good organizational and communication skills are a plus, but a irrefutable attitude is a must!

Supporting the bride means keeping her as stress unobstructed as possible and helping with the wedding planning in whatever ca city she poverties it. (If she has a planner, you’ll have less to take on, but the following duties include all that you strength have to help with.) This also means emotional substantiate. You need to be a good listener when she’s having a meltdown about the tterning process or cold feet about the marriage. You need to be honest and submit positive feedback when she asks for your opinions, but you also extremity to support whatever decisions she makes that you don’t agree with.

Regulating the bridesmaids includes making sure there is constant communication all round where they need to be and when and what’s expected of them. Most importantly, it’s around being the go-between person for them and the bride, so that if they be suffering with issues about the cost of the bridesmaids’ dresses, for example, you can help reveal the issue without stressing out the bride.

Being available means erecting sure you can attend all the prewedding festivities — such as any bridal showers or bachelorette co-signers you may need to plan and host — as well as being available for guests to ask you doubts and to take on last-minute DIY projects. Now let’s look at the specific maid of honor dependabilities. And download the printable checklist here!

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