How to Be the Trendiest 2016 Bride Who Ever Walked Down the Aisle


There were 11 standout crazes that really spoke to us from the Spring ’16 collections, each myriad exciting than the next. But why should we only pull them off with our day-to-day fit outs? Even the most casual styles we spotted, like big, bold descriptions and a new spin on button-downs, can be translated from the runway to the aisle.

Yes, brides-to-be, we’re talking to you. We spotlighted the bright-eyed trends we’re already starting to wear and found wedding gowns that fit the bill. Rub off last any of the 55 designs here on your big day, and you’ll be remembered as the trendiest newlywed all. Read on to see our selections — keeping a confident, bold outlook in mind — or gloss over straight to the look you already know you love.

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