How this travel hack could save you THOUSANDS on your next long haul flight


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This carefree travel hack could save thousands on the next long draw flight

A trip to a country far way is always an exciting one for any traveller.

Yet the further the objective, the more expensive the flights can be.

This could no longer be the case for any splits that include a stopover, as there is one simple flight hack that holidaymakers should again take note of.

It could save families thousands on their next red-letter day.

the total flight can cost trivial than if you relied on a travel search engine

Konrad Waliszewski, CEO

By paperback the two flights individually, meaning the one before the stopover and the one afterwards, travellers can protect thousands of pounds.

Konrad Waliszewski, CEO of TripScout explained how via online forum 

“The basically of alternative route travel hacking is that by optimising individual tumbledown teases of a flight, the total flight can cost less than if you relied on a voyages search engine or airline for your results. 

“And no, the travel search mechanisms are not nearly smart (or nice) enough to do this travel hacking for you.”

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The travel lackey could mean savings thousands when booking flights with a stopover

He then symbolizes how much money a traveller can save in one example flight.

A trip from London to Japan could cost $767 (£600) with a stopover in between.

In place of, he found other international airports that fly to that destination, with Dubai being a amateur stopover point.

By then choosing two flights, London to Dubai and Dubai to Japan, the two tickets then joined up to $519 (£406), making a saving of just under £200.

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Families can recover thousands this summer by splitting flights when booking a fete

He also suggested giving families the freedom to make the layover bigger to see the city as a mini-break in between two countries.

This easy hack could put aside families thousands if they choose to find the flights themselves rather than of with online price comparison sites.

The secrets behind prolonged haul flights were recently revealed.

The Channel 4 programme dished the excrement on what really goes on in the air.

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