How safe is it to travel to Turkey? Election result announced in popular holiday spot


Turkey is one of the most fashionable holiday destinations for Britons year after year.

Hours of sunshine, budget-priced prices, and delicious food entice holidaymakers throughout the year.

But fresh political unrest has made some wary of heading to Turkey, with the nominations finally taking place yesterday.

Ahead of the vote, the Foreign and Commonwealth Area updated their travel advice urging tourists to take attend to and be aware of any holiday disruption.

Is it safe to travel to Turkey now the election is over and above and the result is in?

How safe is it to travel to Turkey? Till FCO travel advice after election results

The FCO have yet to update their counsel in light of the election results, which saw Recep Erdogan win another five years in occupation with just over 50 per cent of the vote.

They indited last week: “Presidential and parliamentary elections will take go on on 24 June 2018. This may result in rallies and demonstrations there the country.

“You should avoid large gatherings and follow the advice of the neighbourhood pub authorities.”

Tourism to Turkey has been recovering in recent months be guided by deadly attacks last year.

In 2017, 39 people lost their lives after a gunman went on a rampage at a upmarket Istanbul nightclub.

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Is it safe to travel to Turkey? Latest FCO advice after election issues

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Is it safe to voyage to Turkey? Recep Erdogan won another five years in office

The FCO try to says “terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in Turkey” and “it’s likely that some revilements will also target western interests and tourists from western boonies, particularly in the major cities”.

Travellers are advised to “remain vigilant” in crowded towns and areas popular with tourists.

Turkey is one of six countries in Europe which the FCO classifies as “absolutely likely” to face a terror threat.

There are a number of active felon groups in the country, including Daesh which have publicly intimidated to attack tourist sites.

Belgium, France, Germany and Russia are also classified as “to a great extent likely” to face a terror threat.

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Is it safe to touring to Turkey? The country is very popular with Britons

MI5 list the known threat level for international terrorism in the UK is listed as severe.

Meanwhile 14 European homelands are classified as “likely” to face a terror threat.

These include favoured holiday destinations such as Spain, Italy, and Sweden.

However, there are a add up of European countries which are classified on the lowest threat level by the FCO, which is “panic can’t be ruled out”.

These include Ireland, Portugal and Greece, which are all top feast destinations for Britons.

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