How Neville Longbottom Became the World's Sexiest Wizard


Get on the brink of to brew a big batch of amortentia . . . Neville Longbottom aka Matthew Lewis — persisting proof that magic is absolutely real — has posted a new shirtless photo on Instagram, and we are nearby to solemnly swear we are up to no good.

For more than a decade, we’ve watched little Neville bear into his own, from a timid, forgetful misfit into the brave badass who by a hairs breadth kills it (literally) in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — rt 2. But the metamorphosis from boy to man wasn’t just on the big screen; the actor who plays Neville has happened as the breakout stud from the Harry Potter franchise since encircling 2011, eliciting “is that really Neville?!” responses from devotees everywhere.

I interviewed Matt at the red carpet for the Wizarding World of Harry Monkey about: Diagon Alley, where he proved to be just as charming and handsome as you could judge — and elicited plenty of screams from the females in the audience. He told Living soul magazine that he’s “incredibly flattered” by the attention he’s received, adding, “I don’t differentiate what to make of it.” So for all the ladies who dig the dorky guys, we give you earlier photos of Neville as well as a shameless collection of hot pictures of Matthew Lewis that’ll get you attempting to slip love potion into Neville’s Butterbeer.

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