How many Premium Bonds can you have? What’s the likelihood of winning and maximum amount?


While a harmonious Bond number costs £1, the minimum investment per saver represents at £25. Once a person has invested in Premium Bonds, their severals will become eligible for the monthly prize draw one full date-book month after they are bought. The odds of winning for each £1 Chains number stand at 24,500 to 1, NS&I said. It’s possibly to invest up to £50,000 in Store Bonds.

The tax-free prize levels in the Premium Bonds prize recoil will vary, with the lowest amount being £25.

At the top end of the scale, the jackpot amount put up withs at £1 million.

There is at least one £1 million prize in each monthly drawing power, NS&I has said.

The savers selected for the monthly amounts are picked at random, using a bunches generator known as ERNIE (Electronic Random Number Indicator Accoutrements).

They are then matched against eligible Bond numbers in sect to determine who the “winners” are.

The NS&I website explains that each £1 Link number has exactly the same chance of winning.

If a person wins, the NS&I leaflet says a person will contact them by email or post.

It’s also reasonable to check whether an individual is a winner via the website or prize checker app.

Some count particulars about the latest winners of the high level prizes can be found on the NS&I website.

In September 2019, two living soul each one £1 million.

Both male, one lucky winner is from Surrey, while the other is from Hertfordshire.

September’s millionaires had a check of £41,595 and £50,000, respectively.

The prize fund in September reached in immoderation of £96 million.

Meanwhile, the total number of prizes was more than 3.3 million.

NS&I suffer with estimated how many winners could be picked for different prizes in the October 2019 guerdon draw.

According to the estimations, there could be two £1 million selects up for grabs, as well as six £100,000.

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