How Could These Photos of Thalia and Her Pet Bird, Pikachu, Not Brighten Your Day?


You comprehend what some say: nothing stands between a woman and her bird. If you’ve been result from Mexican superstar Thalia’s posts as our POPSUGAR Latina contributor, you recollect that family means the world to her — including relatives of a different species, equivalent to her pet cockatiel, Pikachu. The love she has for her feathered baby is so real, and her Instagram be establishes it.

From sitting on her shoulder during glam sessions to riding in planes and jalopies to exploring the outdoors to having one of the best bird birthday rties (understand: the only bird birthday rty) we’ve ever seen, Pikachu is spirited the good life alongside his famous human com nion and self-professed “Mamachu.” Is it strange that we’re kind of jealous? Keep scrolling to see a complete history of his photo and video promotes, and then check out Thalia’s tips for a great new year.

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