Hospital issues ‘BLACK ALERT’ with ’12-HOUR A&E delays’ as ambulances are sent elsewhere


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‘Clouded alert’ at Addenbrooke’s Hospital has seen 12-hour waits in A&E and operations abrogated

According to a leaked internal memo sent to the Cambridge News, Addenbrooke’s Health centre remains in a “major internal incident” while the Cambridge University Asyla NHS Trust is facing “significant challenges”.

Staff are being told to send away patients early to free up beds as the hospital buckles under the strain of huge numbers coming through the doors.

All operations, including cancer treatment, procure been cancelled and ambulances diverted to other hospitals.

The memo says: “We odds in an internal major incident with the Trust facing some outstanding challenges today.

“Currently we have no beds available, 33 first-class bed requests and 50 patients waiting in ED.

“All surgery has been cancelled – we take taken the extraordinary action to cancel all planned surgery, including cancer and insistent cases, to free up resources across the organisation.”

A Cambridge University Polyclinic spokesman said: “We can confirm that the hospital is at Opel Level Four, the highest neck of alert, after seeing exceptional levels of acutely unwell patients troubling inpatient beds.

“We are taking action to ease these pressures and generate flow through the hospital.

“Patients can help us at this time by at worst coming into A&E if it is an accident or an emergency and by not bringing large numbers of kinfolk or friends into the department where seating is at a premium.”

Visitors to Adenbrooke’s Sanatorium have taken to social media to express their recent frustrations.

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The sanitarium said it had no beds available and 50 patients waiting in the emergency conditional on

One who addressed Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, tweeted: A&E bed crisis in Addenbrooke’s has caused day action ward closure and cancellation of all ops today – ongoing problem. Causes incalculable patient dissatisfaction.”

Jemma Brown Patman-Wallis wrote on Facebook: “They eat been cancelling day surgery for a few weeks. My mum was booked in for a mastectomy three weeks ago, followed in was all prepared waited five hours and then her surgeon told her she was press to be sent home as there were no beds for her to go into that shades of night.

“Went in a week later for the op and she was the only one he did that day as he was cancelling the rest of his patients that day due to no beds. The purely reason my mum was done was she was a cancer patient and he said she should never of been sent emphasize the first time.”

According to the NHS, Opel Level Four means that “prevail upon in the local health and social care system continues to escalate, skedaddle organisations unable to deliver comprehensive care”.

There is “increased implied for patient care and safety to be compromised”, while “decisive action obligation be taken by the Local A&E Delivery Board to recover capacity and ensure accommodating safety”.

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The hospital trust tweeted: “Last week was signally busy in A&E!”

“All available local escalation actions taken, external global support and intervention required”.

“Regional teams in NHS England and NHS Ireland inclination be aware of rising system pressure, providing additional support as deemed make away and agreed locally.

It adds that where “multiple systems in contrary parts of the country are declaring OPEL 4 for sustained periods of time and there is an crash across local and regional boundaries, national action may be considered”.

Yesterday afternoon, Cambridge University Medical centres NHS Trust had tweeted a graphic for the week March 19-25 with the text: “Keep on week was extremely busy in our A&E!”

It showed that there had been 2,271 A&E audiences and 700 patients admitted to hospital, while the hospital treated 117out of whack bones and 72 patients in its resuscitation room.

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