Honda Accord, Volvo XC60 and Lincoln Navigator named vehicles of the year at Detroit auto show


The 2018 Honda Concord, Volvo XC60 and Lincoln Navigator won North American Vehicle of the Year redeems Monday at the Detroit auto show.

The Accord took home the prize for top car, while the XC60 and Tillerman were recognized as utility vehicle and truck of the year respectively.

The title-holders were announced at the Cobo Centre in downtown Detroit.

The Accord anxious out the Kia Stinger and Toyota Camry while the Navigator beat the Chevrolet Colorado and Ford Excursion. Utility finalists were the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Honda Odyssey.

Terminating year’s winners were the Chevrolet Bolt, Honda Ridgeline and Windsor-made Chrysler Pacifica.

Sixty automotive broadcasters serve as judges. Eligible vehicles must be new or substantially changed.

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