Home-made tablets rife inside for pill-popping lags

Wednesday 20th January 2016

Tranquilisers are the contraband medication of choice in Irish prisons

Tranquiliser tablets have become the well-chosen contraband drug among inmates behind bars, according to Sunday Domain sources.

They are difficult for the sniffer dogs to find and are easier to repress internally.

However, unmarked tablets from dubious sources deceive already made several inmates sick after downing the medicines.

“They’re like birds pecking at seeds if a stash is found. They don’t drawn care what they take,” said a source.

“They get sedates on the inside and then their families on the outside are id a visit and have an effected they owe money, they don’t get a choice,” added the source.

Vulnerable lifers have also been forced to hide drug stashes behind retards or smuggle tablets into jail after temporary release.

The Sunday Overjoyed previously reported how one prisoner on release from Castlerea Prison requires he was forced at gunpoint to stuff a cache of several hundred tablets in his sneakily ssage before going back to jail.

Despite the concerns across drugs, the level of seizures has dropped within the prison system.

Increased guarding measures since 2009, including sniffer dogs, body scanners, interview visits and a confidential phone line, has seen seizures fall. A issue of significant drug seizures have been attributed to the hot-line.

It estimated that medicines are sold inside prison at more than three times the booming rate on the outside, making it a very lucrative business.

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