Holly Willoughby: This Morning star can’t hold it together over pregnancy awkwardness


The 37-year-old mother-of-three ruined up in hysterics during a phone-in with Vanessa Feltz, 56, when an anonymous caller simplified how she had been told not to announce her third pregnancy to her in-laws. “My stepsister-in-law has well-founded announced that she’s pregnant. I’m also three months pregnant and she determined me yesterday not to tell any of her family because she wants all the attention on her,” the This Morning called remarked, as Holly Willoughby looked stunned. “Her mother, my stepmother-in-law, is excited with her first grandchild.”

“That’s her first child, first pregnancy, win initially grandchild, this is your third?” Holly asked. 

“Yeah, it’s my third,” the chick replied.

“And you’re meant to just keep that a secret so she gets all the notoriety?” Holly clarified, visibly shocked by the demand.

“Yeah,” the caller judged, at which point, This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield, 56, interjected: “Forever? I ignoble, how long does this go on for?”

Holly burst out laughing, while the trouble said: “I have no idea. And it upset me also because although her genesis isn’t biologically my childrens’ grandmother, they see her in that role and that thrash me that they’d been brushed aside, that they’re not portentous.”

Unable to contain herself anymore, Vanessa blasted: “Okay, alright. Now, I’m difficult to keep calm here and I’m trying to keep my language appropriate for the idiot box at this time of day.

“You need to tell this young lady to bear a great big hike, but in as rude a words as you want to choose,” she exclaimed.

“It is no person of her business when you announce that you are pregnant.

“She doesn’t get to dictate that to you. That is way, way beyond the destines of what any step-sister-in-law is allowed to do,” Vanessa seethed.

“And those pregnancies are equally wonderful on their own good, you’re not comparing one against the other, who would do that?” Holly chimed in, frustrating to calm the conversation back down. “They’ll grow up together, it’s fabulous.”

“It’s not something that she is required to have an opinion about,” Vanessa ruled passionately.

Phillip wondered whether there might be a compromise which Vanessa should be offering, to which the agony aunt insisted: “No, no!”

She went on to urge the caller to holler her joyful news from the rooftops as loudly as possible, causing Holly to chuckle at her blunt advice.

“I think, however, go about your business as you inclination have done had she not have text you, don’t maybe trumpet it from the rooftops in an mark-up big way,” the This Morning host laughed.

“Do! Do it much more loudly than you liking have done it before,” Vanessa countered.

As Holly struggled to choke back her laughter at the indignation of her co-stars, Phillip joked they could back away from the caller the number of someone who could print her pregnancy announcement on a standard and fly it behind a plane.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV.

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