Holly Willoughby 'almost hits the deck' during LIVE botox injections on This Morning


The 35-year-old This Morning presenter, who disclosed that she was squeamish before the item, looked horrified as she watched a doctor interject a woman with botox live on the show.

As she introduced the beauty thing, co-host Phillip Schofield warned viewers that there last will and testament be “needles and possibly a little bit of blood”.

“We’re about to see a couple of procedures rallied live. It involves needles and there may possibly be a little bit of blood. I’m aspiring not a lot.” Holly looked nervous as she said: “I might hit the deck.”

She appeared uncomfortable everywhere in the segment and appeared to keep a distance from both Dr Tapan Patel and his indefatigable Inga.

Holly was heard exclaiming shortly before Dr Patel interjected a needle into Inga’s face: “You’re going to do that right now?”

After Inga had been bring ined with a filler, Holly asked her: “Did that hurt? That necessity have hurt!” However, it looked like the patient had not felt it.

For now, Phil was the one left asking questions about the cosmetics procedures entangling fillers and botox, the latter of which is the most common cosmetic treatment in the fantastic. 

Dr Patel said that although beauticians were doing the procedures, those taking into consideration treatment should ideally get them done by medical practitioners.

He bring to light: “It’s a treatment that should be done by healthcare professionals,” and explained that it was “lower disapprove ofed upon” by the medical council to not go through someone qualified. 

The doctor also admonished that people should avoid discounts, although saying that values varied across the country from £250 to £500 for the procedures.

Dr Patel translated that people should also go to the same person for their treatments else they could end up looking strange due to the various methods and products reach-me-down by different people. 

Phil told viewers of the ITV show: “It’s a face not a confidential down sale.”

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10.30am.

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