Hollande hints BRITAIN should host migrant SUPERCAMP as he announces plans to close Jungle


“France is not a motherland where there should be camps of migrants.

“France is a country of law, laws the country, we must be firm on immigration issues.”

The remarks come as a becoming number of French politician have urged Britain to take the thousands of migrants red-hot in the Jungle.

Former president Nicolas Sarkozy, who visited Calais this week, inspire a request ofed for the agreement for which border controls take place on the French side to be pulled up.

He said that Britain should handle the problem and “do the work that pertains them”.

President Hollande’s plans have been met with judgement from conservative politicians who fear the French government will altogether relocate the migrants to centres across the country.

French mayors, who bequeath be forced to welcome the thousands of migrants, argue that the solution is a moment ago sweeping the problem of Calais under the rug.

Some conservative politicians, such as the right-wing mayor Laurent Wauquiez, about the plans would simply create “mini-Jungles” throughout France.

President Hollande has said that each of the 164 nomad reception centres around the country will welcome approximately 40 gypsies each.

The centres will hold people for up to four months, and those who do not look for asylum will be sent home immediately.

President Hollande’s hock comes as the number of people in the camp reached an all-time high of 10,000 this month, concerting to aid organisations’ estimates.

At the moment, thousands sleep in squalid conditions in the desire of moving on to Britain, while clashes with police and crime carry on ram nt.

President Hollande called the conditions of the camp “awful”.

Earlier this month the national minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, said he would press ahead with the closure of the campy “with the greatest determination”.

France dismantled the southern half of the affected in February and March and the government said it would shut down the turn up, but gave no timeframe until now.

Authorities revealed that over the days of yore year more than 5,000 have left the camp for social centres.

The presidential visit on Monday comes as Britain continues to establish the so-called ‘Great Wall of Calais’ to ensure the safety of truckers to the French harbour.

Mr Hollande has not visited the migrant camp before – and it is reported that he longing not meet with any migrants during the tour.

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