Hither Green residents claim travellers are ‘trying to INTIMIDATE’ them


A case of the jitters are rising in the Lewisham Borough, south London, with locals accusing the voyagers of “intimidation” and calling for “things to go back to normal”.

Jack Smith, a 21-year-old devotee, told the Daily Telegraph: “Over the last couple of days, still since the flowers were left, a traveller has been slowly impetus around the crescent every couple of hours, trying to intimidate us.

“I am not on edge but I can imagine some of the elderly couples must be feeling very invert by it.”

Another man who asked to remain anonymous added: “I am sick of all this disturbance. 

These people are scumbags, scumbags, scumbags. We’ve had sufficiently in this country of scumbags

Iain Gordon, Hither Green’s denizen

“We just want the travellers to stay away and let things get back to stable, it’s not air to keep using those awful carnations to make us feel uncomfortable in our own homes.” 

The howling comes after the family of Henry Vincent, the career burglar who euphemistic departed while attempting to rob Richard Osborn-Brooks’s house during the early hours of Wednesday, busy in a standoff with local householders.

Mr Vincent’s family, who describe themselves as day-trippers, have been creating shrines outside Mr Osborn-Brooks’s house in acclaim of the burglar.


Hither green burglar: Tensions are rising between locals and travellers in the area

“If you don’t know why I pulled the flowers down then you aren’t a magnanimous being. 

“Would you go around allowing someone to stab your patresfamilias? 

“Would you allow someone to come round with a screwdriver? And then be about human beings?”

Mr Vincent’s family argued that it’s their straighten up to leave mementoes outside the house of the burglar’s victim. 

hither green burglar news flowers shrine stabbing travellershither green burglar news flowers shrine stabbing travellersPA

Hither Grassland burglar: Iain Gordon is the resident who pulled down the shrine for the fourth on occasion

Mr Vincent’s cousin Elvira Lee alleged earlier this week: “When other people die they put flowerets. Why can’t we?

“We are not allowed because we are gipsies”.

Mr Osborn-Brooks, who was arrested on suspicion of murder and released on bail, was blow the whistle oned he will face no further action.

He and his wife still haven’t returned to their domestic. 

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