High-priced testing will continue to defer international travel recovery


Vaccination rollout has been pinpointed as the catalyst for the turn for the better of international travel. However, the perceived high pricing of polymerase check reaction (PCR) tests could hinder demand growth.

For many, a vaccination or Covid-19 checks at multiple stages of the traveller journey are now the requirements needed for outbound cruises in the short term. It will take a considerable amount of time for the unity of a population to be vaccinated. Therefore, multiple tests may be needed for a while.

Honoraria for Covid-19 PCR tests do vary but can dramatically increase the cost of a trip. Explore by Which in April 2021 found that the average price of one PCR probe costs £120 ($166) in the UK. Even having to take two tests during a faux pas would rack up expenditures dramatically, making the urge for an international retreat further delayed in 2021 and going into 2022. This demands for yet more sector collaboration to bring costs down and make events more accessible for general travellers.

Budgets have been tightened

The knock-on impression of Covid-19 has tightened budget constraints for many. GlobalData’s Q1 2021 contemplate* found that 50% of global respondents ‘completely’ or ‘somewhat’ conformed they have reduced household budgets in the last year. 54% (‘explicitly’/ ‘somewhat’) are also now following a strict weekly/monthly budget, highlighting that the amplified expenditure on PCR tests would make international travel a no-go for myriad in 2021.

Family outbound travel could be heavily impacted here. Equal if some older individuals of the family are vaccinated and won’t have to pay for any form of Covid-19 analysis, those aged under 18 are still likely to have to pay for a evaluate, not just one, but multiple. As a result, parents will have to pay, further racking up impairments which will not be welcomed.

Collaborative effort will be needed

TUI is the essential to make a bold move by reducing the costs of testing for international proceed. 6 May 2021 saw the operator announce it planned to offer Covid-19 PCR check-ups for £20 for UK tourists travelling to countries on the government’s ‘green list’ (to be announced 17th May). In partnership with authority authorised test provider Chronomics, TUI’s management declared plans to fly this summer as ‘easy and affordable’ as possible.

This is a well-played key move from the tour group, demonstrating that the cost of assay for Covid-19 can be considerably cut if partnerships are formed. More operators and airlines should be cooperating with authorised test providers to make travel more get-at-able in this ongoing, uncertain situation.

(*) GlobalData’s Q12021 consumer surveying –10,122 global respondents

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