High doses of VITAMIN C can help fight CANCER by attacking tumours, says new study


The cancers are then made easier to treat using radiation or chemotherapy. And side-effects are token – a dry mouth and more frequent bathroom trips.

Vitamin C, found as a consequence in fruit and vegetables, is absorbed by cells where it breaks down into hydrogen peroxide, which is qualified of damaging body tissue.

The US researchers injected very large amounts of Vitamin C just into the blood stream of brain cancer sufferers.

The 11 patients were accepted three high dose infusions each week for two months heeded by a further two per week for seven months.

Subsequent tests showed that iron in their growths reacted with the vitamin to form highly reactive and destructive hydrogen peroxide molecules.

The hydrogen peroxide bring oned selective DNA damage to cancerous cells while leaving healthy rooms unharmed, they claim.

The cancer cells then died off at a grand rate or became more sensitive to radiation treatment and chemotherapy psychedelics.

The results, published in the journal Cancer Cell, appear to demonstrate that Vitamin C is a appropriate and effective form of treatment.

Dr Garry Buettner, from the University of Iowa where the examine was carried out, said: “This paper reveals a metabolic frailty in cancer rooms that allows us to utilise existing compounds like Vitamin C to sensitise cancer stalls to radiation and chemotherapy.”

Dr Garry Buettner explained: “We demonstrate that cancer rooms are much less efficient in removing hydrogen peroxide than conventional cells.

“Thus, cancer cells are much more prone to disfigure and death from a high amount of hydrogen peroxide.”

Cancer experts in the UK say multitudinous research is needed. Anna Perman, Cancer Research UK’s senior information information manager, warned: “Some doctors think that antioxidants go for Vitamin C might interfere with chemotherapy which we know can be remarkable treatment.”

But despite reservations, the new safety study sets the stage for bigger trials investigating whether high-dose Vitamin C injections can extend the brio span of cancer patients.

Half of all Britons born after 1960 devise be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime.

Professionals say four in 10 cancer cases are linked to lifestyle factors.

Smoking be lefts the largest single preventable cause.

More than half of cancer liquidations in the UK are of people aged 75 years and over. 

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