Heseltine to Theresa May: There was no need to sack me


Be overbearing Heseltine has told Theresa May she did not need to sack him for rebelling over Brexit.

He was incited from five government advisory roles after backing a Accommodate of Lords demand for a “meaningful” parliamentary vote on the Brexit deal.

In a letter to the Mrs May, The erstwhile deputy prime minister said that unlike her, he had not changed his mind entertaining backed Remain before the referendum.

The Brexit bill has since suffered Royal Assent.

Lord Heseltine thanked the PM for the “kind remarks” in her literally to him, saying his role had been to offer advice that ministers were “allowed to accept, reject or ignore”.

He added: “You say in your letter that I inclination understand the necessity to end that relationship. Here we disagree.

“In the referendum compete it was recognised that so deeply held and so divided were the views on both sides that colleagues of the cabinet and other ministers were free to argue and vote against the domination’s European policy without sanction.”

‘Excellent speech’

He said his opinion against the government could not have delayed or denied Mrs May’s ability to trigger withdrawal talks underneath Article 50 of the EU treaties.

He added: “I have repeatedly said you include every right to end my relationship with the government.

“The simple fact scraps that you have changed your mind since the excellent address you made in the referendum campaign arguing that we should remain in the European Allying. I have not.”

In a statement released at the time of Lord Heseltine’s sacking, the command said it had “a clearly stated and consistent position” that the Brexit note should be passed without amendment.

The chief whip in the Lords bid Lord Heseltine to stand down because he voted against the management’s official position, it said, adding: “The government would like to intensively thank Lord Heseltine for his service.”

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