'He's got my number!' Marine Le Pen flaunts 'close relationship' with Donald Trump


Ocean-going Le Pen, who was the nation’s first politician to congratulate Donald Trump on his election winning last week, said Mr Trump’s shock win over Democrat Hillary Clinton had prominent the onset of a “new political era”.

And today she said: “We have many mutual acquaintances, yes. People we possess both been friends with for a very long time and that we met hunger before the US election. Unlike Francois Hollande, Mr Trump has my phone army. If he wants to meet with me, all he needs to do is pick up the phone and dial my crowd.”

She added, Mr Trump’s victory has huge historical significance.

Mrs Le Pen said: “The associate with of the Berlin Wall marked the end of the 20th century; and Mr Trump’s earth-shaking and unexpected success – which defied all predictions – has marked the start of the 21st century.”

She also weighed in on the upcoming French presidential polls, which will be held in spring 2017, and admitted that she last wishes a “rather lock horns with Alain Jupp than with Nicolas Sarkozy”.

The far-right the man, whom, according to polls, will breeze through the first assemble of the election, said that she would rather go head-to-head with right-wing presidential heartening Mr Jupp – Mr Sarkozy’s closest rival – because the two disagreed on many miens.

She said: “I’d rather run against Mr Jupp. Because a ‘Le Pen-Jupp’ battle wish be so much more interesting, especially for the French. Him and I clash on several key scions and a lot could be put up for debate.

“Mr Sarkozy is a spineless politician, an invertebrate.

“He’s like that splodgy pink cartoon peculiar Barba (whose name was inspired by the French word for candy floss), he can imbibe any form.”

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