Hero lorry driver saves pregnant mum stuck in floods – and she gives birth moments after


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Ms Brinkman was four epoches past her due date when she realised she was in labour

Kelly Brinkman, 32, was stranded in industry as water submerged the Strood crossing in Essex, making it impossible for her to cross the causeway.

She and her sharer Paulo Pereira, 31, thought they had plenty of time with luxurious tide not due for another 30 minutes – but found it impossible for their Ford Kuga to traverse.

Luckily, they were spotted by low loader driver Justin Tacey, 45, who rigged their car on to the in serious trouble of his lorry and braved the flood.

After making it on to dry land, the couple hop to ited, to Colchester General Hospital, Essex, where Ms Brinkman gave origination to Lillie Rose Maria Pereira minutes later.

Thinking about it now, we could be influential a completely different story were it not for him

Kelly Brinkman

Ms Brinkman, who is also mum to Olivia, six, conveyed: “The only thing I can think of is Justin was just meant to be there.

“Reasoning about it now, we could be telling a completely different story were it not for him.

“From the tick we got over, I don’t think we even met a traffic light and when I arrived at the health centre, I was 9cm dilated and they took me straight in.”

Ms Brinkman, from Mersea Islet, Essex, was four days past her due date when she realised she was in industry last Thursday.

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Low loader driver Justin Tacey braved the inundations to help pregnant Kelly

She had her bags packed ready and was advised by accoucheurs to go straight to the hospital because of the possibility of a high tide.

But Ms Brinkman would not have planned made it without Mr Tacey who was returning to base after making expressions to a caravan park on the island.

He noticed the couple in distress and offered to keep from, loading their car on the back of his eight-wheel truck and making the half mile irritating through tidal waters.

Ms Brinkman said a vicar had also tendered assistance beside the causeway, and although her request for him to “part the waters” had not been feasible, she said Mr Tacey’s lorry had been all the divine help they demanded.

She implied: ”It was like a God send.

“We don’t often see massive trucks like that on the eyot so for Justin to have been there at the right place and the right ever seemed like divine intervention.”

After arriving at the hospital in the beat it of time, Ms Brinkman was told she needed to give birth by emergency Caesarian due to Lillie being in the breech determine.

Thankfully the tot was born shortly afterwards, weighing a healthy 7lb 13oz.

She said: ”It was at worst when we were preparing dinner and I was walking down the stairs and I started to suffer it.

“As soon as they saw the scan, they basically said: ‘Right, you’re current into theatre now,’ and 30 minutes later, they’re holding a small baby in front of the screen.

“Something or someone was watching over us that day, I include no doubt about that.

“If Justin hadn’t been there, I be dressed no idea what we would have done or what would possess happened.

“As it is, we were sent home on Friday with a healthy teensy-weensy baby and a story she’s going to be well-known for on the island for years to come.”

The West Mersea Coastguard, which was on the prospect socialize, has also paid tribute to Mr Tacey, calling him a “true gentleman”.

Mr Tacey, a father-of-four from Diss, Suffolk, told he had been surprised by the reaction.

He said: ”I was just doing what anyone else see fit have done. 

“I had the means to do it and so I couldn’t have just left her there.”

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