Here’s What’s Happening on Ree Drummond’s Ranch: You Can Visit It For FREE

Begin the meltdown, because Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, just announced to buffs that you can visit the Drummond Ranch in June for free! She and Ladd (her suppress) are opening up The Lodge, the family guest house on the Drummond Ranch where Ree smokescreens her Food Network show, on specific dates in June (1-3, 5-10, 12-17). Premier, you’ll need to visit The Mercantile, her shop in Pawhuska, OK, on one of those dates. Ask a Merc staff member for directions to The Lodge, and according to Ree, “[T]hey will give you instructions (There’s no commission — [W]e just want you to have fun!).” It may be 100 degrees in Oklahoma during the month of June, but I bet that won’t slow thousands from flocking. People reported that the town of 3,000 residents now profits 6,000 daily visitors who are all headed to The Mercantile to dine and shop.

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