Here's How to DIY a Romantic Coupon Book For Your Valentine


The trace post was originally featured on Love Sujeiry and was written by Sujeiry Gonzalez, who is portion of POPSUGAR Select Latina.

Here's How to DIY a Romantic Coupon Book For Your Valentine

My boyfriend will soon be presented with a Sujeiry ingenious Lovers Coupon Book. He will beam when he flips inclusive of the illustrated, comical goodies he will attain with just one rip. And when I relinquish him what he desires, he will remember the night fondly. Because the backsheesh I blessed him with was made especially and uniquely for him.

And that’s not including the out of he’ll get from my pe .

So how does one go about creating a Lovers Coupon Register? I’ll show you how with these simple directions.

Brainstorm What You’re Prompt Away

Much like coupons from a store, you need to book stock of what you want to give to your man. It can be a service, like a rub-down or a blow job. It can be romantic, like a serenade or a poem. It can be kinky, like a 24-hour out of date to smack your ass whenever and wherever he sees fit. What matters is that it’s a facility you know your man wants and that you can deliver. So listen attentively to his verbalized have ones heart set ons.

Find Artwork

Unless you’re Picasso, you’re going to have to find forms to add to your coupon book. I did a Google Images search and selected wallop art that connected with the gift and are also funny. The images should combine your personality. You are giving the gift, after all. Once you select the exemplars, save them to your computer’s desktop.

Coupon-Making Time

Exhibit up MS Word, and start a new document. Select the table tab, and insert two columns and as profuse rows as you need (this will depend on how many coupons you stand in want in your coupon book). Now insert one image in one table cell (a box). Add motif that describes what the coupon is for.

Time to Print

Once you exemplary these steps, print your document on glossy per. Name sure you are using a color printer. If you don’t have one available, go to your adjoining Staples and print the sheet.

Bind Your Lovers Coupon Volume

Cut each square and stack them together. Take it to Staples, and obtain them bind the coupons into a mini book. Choose the color-bind way out so you can have a sleek little book — not a coiled bulky mess.

All that is sinistral is for you to gift your lover with the Lovers Coupon Book. Be about for your man to cash in. Because trust me, he will!

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