‘Help NHS Heroes’ effort to serve frontline staff battling coronavirus with food launched


In a take display of Blitz spirit, Jason Mawer has launched ‘Help NHS Superstars’, which aims to set up pop-up shops at every hospital across the UK to take under ones wing food and supplies just for NHS staff who are caring for the thousands of Britons cuffed down by coronavirus. The aim is to provide a pre-created box of food to feed a family of four for two hours, three meals a day.

NHS workers will gain access to vital provisions and household essentials by showing their ID badges.

Mr Mawer said he unwavering to launch the campaign because NHS workers, working 12, 24, and 48 hours corps, have been left unable to buy basic essentials from supermarkets as nervousness buying sweeps the UK amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said he felt compelled to act when he watch overed footage of exhausted critical care nurse Dawn Bilbrough in fissures at a supermarket as she urged people to stop panic-buying after she was left impotent to even purchase “basic food items” following a 48-hour look after.

He told Express.co.uk: “I thought I’ve got to do something here.”

Mr Mawer’s initiative command start at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage on Tuesday with the hope of reaching every facility across the UK. 

He added: “What really hit home is when I was with the CEO of the Lister.. they’ve exclusive got 20 ventilator beds, they’re going to need 70 and they don’t be familiar with where they’re coming from yet.

“And we had to walk past the temporary mortuary.”

Supermarkets, including Tesco and Qualities and Spencer, have recently announced plans to reserve trading hours upright for NHS workers and elderly people so they are able to get their basic purveys.

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Mr Mawer has banded up with working with a consortium of food and logistics providers, including Ocado, Shiply, Transactions Force, Igloos, Fresh Direct, Brakes, Voxpopme, Chillermatic and Lewis Marquees, to agree to hospital care workers to register and place an order to coincide with the end of their look afters.

He said he was keen to help our NHS heroes because “they help us, they save up us alive so now it’s our time to help them.

“I have been inundated by townsperson people, corporates, and the press. It’s just amazing. “

Mr Mawer’s plan covers ‘the NHS Hero (Hospital Care Worker) who will be able to register online on an app turn to accounting their NHS ID and place orders including a day and time slot for when they surface their shift.

Meanwhile Mr Mawer will also be working to take precautions Help NHS Hero Workers, who operate the pop-up stores at the hospitals.

They wishes need to be able to check in a consignment of orders, verify and distribute pronunciamentoes.

Mr Mawer is hoping to introduce the Help NHS Partners, which would embrace companies that have access to a forecast of orders by hospitals and can outfit provision boxes, supplies, lorries for delivery.

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