Hayden Panettiere Opens Up About Her Battle With Postpartum Depression: "I Was Terrified"


Hayden Panettiere Opens Up About Her Battle With Postpartum Depression: "I Was Terrified"

Hayden nettiere is resuming to stay strong following her battle with post rtum depression. Termination October, the actress checked herself into a treatment center to administer with the illness following the birth of her daughter, Kaya, in December 2014. Hayden, who shares Kaya with her bride-, Wladimir Klitschko, recently opened up to Yahoo! Style about the bewildering support she’s received from family and friends. “I was always so frightened that people weren’t going to accept me,” she explained. “The myriad open I was, the more acceptance I got from people. I got so much support and so much leaning. I was floored.”

The actress also revealed that she has been able to trench everything into her work as her Nashville character, Juliette, also fracas with post rtum depression. “The way I do things is to pull from my own slighting experience and sometimes even turn myself into what I’m characterizing so that I can pull from my life and step into that person’s shoes by being superior to relate,” she continued. “I finally just went, ‘I’m bushed of living afraid. I’m tired of living in fear of what people are thriving to think, so you know, I’m just going to put it all out there on the table and I’m not going to agitation about the judgment.'” Hayden also explained that when it happens to people not thinking post rtum depression is a real thing, she’s determined to dissidence the stigma, saying, “It’s like you have no idea what you’re talking there. If you think for one second that a mother wants to feel that way toward her child, you’re outta your mind.”

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