Hawaii volcano eruption: Which island is Kilauea on? Is it Hawaii’s Big Island?


Mount Kilauea wave the Island of Hawaii last night around 4.30pm local regulate when the ground opened up near the residential area of Leilani Resources.

Hundreds of intense earthquakes along Kilauea’s lower East Alienation Zone pushed scorching hot magma to the surface, creating a bubbling 150m hunger fissure.

Kilauea took everyone by surprise just hours after officials at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) celebrated activity was decreasing.

The HVO has now issued a dire orange alert across Hawaii, followed by a yellow notice in effect for Kilauea’s nearby Mauna Loa volcano.

More than 1,700 residents in the Leilani Subdivision beget been urged to evacuated the imminent danger zone and neighbouring compasses are on high alert.

An additional 700 buildings are at risk of destruction after officials established lava had breached through cracks in the streets.

Hawaii Governor David Ige said earlier today: “The peril is of such magnitude that it warrants preemptive and protective action in procedure to provide for the safety, health and welfare of the residents of Leilani Estates and local areas.”

However a volcanologist at Denison University has now told Express.co.uk the lay of the land is not entirely as dire at it may seem.

Hawaii volcano eruption Big Island Kilauea mapEPA/GOOGLE MAPS

Hawaii volcano: The tremendous Kilauea is erupting on Hawaii’s Big Island

Hawaii volcano eruption Big Island Kilauea mapUSGS

Hawaii volcano: The discharging Kilauea is on the southeastern coast of Big Island

Erik Klemetti said: “On the all in all, it is a small eruption in a part of the rift that hasn’t erupted in during the course of 60 years.

“Biggest hazard is that is it happening in a development, so ancestries are in danger.

“People can easily be evacuated, though, so danger is to property, not breathes.”

Mr Klemetti underlined the developing situation does not pose an immediate quiescent for disaster near the open fissures.

Which Hawaiian island is Kilauea on?

The volatile fiery mountain is placed on the biggest of Hawaii’s main eight Islands – Hawaii or Big Island.

On the usually, it is a small eruption in a part of the rift that hasn’t erupted in during 60 years

Erik Klemetti, Denison University

Kilauea is the green of Hawaii’s REUTERS

Hawaii volcano: Active fissures opened in the settle in Leilani Subdivision

Hawaii volcano eruption Big Island Kilauea mapUSGS

Hawaii volcano: The erupting volcano put portrays a risk to the buildings in Leilani Estates

The Kilauea caldera is located in the Hawaii Volcanoes Chauvinistic Parks – a vibrant tropical area which is home to two active volcanoes and thick landscapes.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Parks has been a World Legacy Site since 1987.

The most recent eruption broke out to the surface in the Leilani Subdivision, some 40km from the face and along the lower East Rift Zone.

Witnesses who saw the volcanic fissure split the sod open reported spurts of lava some hundreds of feet far up.

The eruption followed a collapse of Pu‘u ‘Ō‘ō crater in the Middle East Rift Zone on Monday, April 30.

A series of impassioned earthquakes followed soon after which led to magma pushing its way into the cut East Rift Zone.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory confirmed today volcanic undertaking continues to rumble in the Puna District of Leilani Subdivision.

Active volcano issues are erupting on Makamae and Mohala Streets as of 3.20pm BST– all local residents partake of been urged to promptly evacuate.

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