Have You Noticed This Sneaky Change in Kraft's Classic Macaroni and Cheese?


You can seek that you don’t sneak bites of your child’s Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, but we’d all skilled in you’re lying. So now that we’ve settled that, have you noticed the huge substitute Kraft has made to their iconic family-approved dish?

Last year the establishment announced that they would be removing all artificial flavors, preservatives, and dyes from their radigm cheesy elbows, but it turns out that instead of announcing the finalized trade, they’ve been sneakily stocking shelves with the new version for the stay three months, unbeknownst to consumers. The official announcement of the change of system was announced today, and Greg Guidotti, vice president of meals at Kraft Heinz, says, “We’d invite Americans to try our new MO, but they most likely already have.”

Well played, Kraft. Let us be sure if your kids tried the new recipe — chances are they have! — and what they solicitude recollections of it.

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